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It’s back!

Winter that is,

a Springtime ReRun.

Good Morning Virginia, March 21, 2018.



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There are secret tunes of wind through leaves

as shadows dance in dappled rhythm

 to the lilting songs of another Virginia summer.


Summer ShadowsValley Morn

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We stayed in a lovely place about 20 minutes from the maddening crowds in Sedona, Arizona.

View from Sedona Timeshare

It was Spring Break and high season in Sedona, with heavy traffic.  Great timing right?  But, we managed a drive that yielded photos of a stark and rugged landscape.  All photos were taken with my trusty little cell phone (named “Pal”).  We lugged the big new fancy Nikon and could never get it put together right for a quick shot – and believe me, you had to be quick.  These mountain shots were real fast drive-bys!

We made one stop at a Holy Cross wedged into the high rock face of a mountainside.  Wow!

Holy Cross

There is no describing the enormity of the red rock mountains and canyons of Sedona.  I was dumbstruck by vividly painted blue skies punctuated by jagged crests and crags.

Sedona Surround

Sedona Surround

Sedona Rock Art

Sedona Rock Art

It was the beginning of a trip full of surprises.

Sheer Canyon Wall

Sheer Canyon Wall

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Mtn View through the Grasses

I believe it is time to sit still.

The holidays are really over and we are already en route through 2015!

I will take the long view now to assess

where I am,

where I may be going,

and what needs to be done

to achieve goals.

I am sitting still though

in the Virginia countryside, and

the only wish I have is for peace and quiet.

And yes,

there is a quiet peace in gazing through the grasses.

I wonder if the wildlife sets goals here too.


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