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Elsa on the Sidelines

Elsa on the Sidelines – Note: Lovage Herb still growing mid-November!


Today is chilly and wet here in rural Virginia.  When we go outside, our new dog, Elsa, confines herself to exploring under the eves of the house where it is still dry.

I too confine myself to the interior to keep warm with wooly socks and comfort foods.

I am contemplating the arrival of Thanksgiving.

However – the stores are already playing Christmas music!

And whole aisles are devoted to holiday trimmings and diabetic inducing holiday sweets.

Time seems evermore meaningless.

Commerce demands earlier and earlier displays.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have Christmas in August for Bill’s birthday.  Why not?

Tree and all.

My friends and I are becoming cynical about the charms of winter.

But then I discovered  a magical snow globe.


  • It plays holiday music.
  • Turn it upside down and of course there is a gentle snow storm.
  • And flip a switch for barn illumination and little colored lights that twinkle in the trees.
  • I am transported in time to the sweet charms of Winter.

The little globe has done what no store display could do.

It has inspired me to look forward to a joyful winter season with much to be thankful for.

So no matter what holiday you celebrate, my wish for you is joy


warm socks.



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We stayed in a lovely place about 20 minutes from the maddening crowds in Sedona, Arizona.

View from Sedona Timeshare

It was Spring Break and high season in Sedona, with heavy traffic.  Great timing right?  But, we managed a drive that yielded photos of a stark and rugged landscape.  All photos were taken with my trusty little cell phone (named “Pal”).  We lugged the big new fancy Nikon and could never get it put together right for a quick shot – and believe me, you had to be quick.  These mountain shots were real fast drive-bys!

We made one stop at a Holy Cross wedged into the high rock face of a mountainside.  Wow!

Holy Cross

There is no describing the enormity of the red rock mountains and canyons of Sedona.  I was dumbstruck by vividly painted blue skies punctuated by jagged crests and crags.

Sedona Surround

Sedona Surround

Sedona Rock Art

Sedona Rock Art

It was the beginning of a trip full of surprises.

Sheer Canyon Wall

Sheer Canyon Wall

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Photo from Vintage 1950’s http://www.redlinevintage.com


One night we dined with “old” friends.  Our friendship is old and our ages are (barely verging on) old too.  And although we often talk of current events and joke over funny things we have lately seen or heard, this time we kept returning to childhood.

  • Bill played Kick the Can in the Bronx, New York.  He played Stick Ball too, with cut off broom sticks and a little pink ball.  The ball would disappear into a rain gutter collector  and had to be retrieved with a tin can on a rope.
  • Our friend and his pals found a secret culvert and followed it from one opening to the other.  He and his cohorts could then disappear and mysteriously reappear to confuse adversarial teams of other kids.
  • His wife loved roller skating (with wooden wheels) at the roller rink.
  • Dor loved roller skating too, (with metal wheels) on neighborhood sidewalks.
  • Bill would find roller skates in the neighborhood garbage and would attach them to an old board to make a scooter!
  • Dor twirled a baton and dressed paper dolls with clothes fashioned from wall paper sample books and played Jacks for hours.
  • We all recalled the big Sears catalogs.  “Do you remember those and how exciting it was to thumb through new arrivals?
  • People actually bought houses or barns from the Sears catalog but what about the great toys?”

It was an amazing evening of remembering that  brought us all the way back to a wonderful life.  We entered a time machine and were suddenly those kids again  – the tom boy, the girl with a baton, the West Side Story live-a-like, and the country boy looking for action.  And there we all were, once more in our own memory made wonderlands.

Remember THAT?

  • Remember when we used to hang our feet out the car window to feel the air blow through our toes?
  • Remember  bike rides to the public pool – and bikes with brakes in the pedals instead of the handlebars?
  • I rode my bike to school.
  • Wasn’t it fun to play hide and seek until dinner time?
  • Climbing trees!  I spent a lot of time in trees.
  • Remember Woolworth’s Five and Dime?  I loved Woolworth’s.  Mom took me to there for breakfast!

Oh, the night was simply not long enough to recapture our very full quartet of memories.

But we all agreed it was a wonderful life.

Who said you can’t go home?

You certainly can,

on such a night

 in the company of old friends.



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