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blue ridge jan snow 1

I never tire of the views from this little house in rural Virginia.

And even now, after so many years and so many pictures, there are still moments when I feel compelled once again to try to capture the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

The Blue Ridge is sometimes shrouded in mist or covered in snow, or blue against the sky, or blanketed in fog, and always stunning.

The snow was clearing a few days ago here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

And it was one of those days when I simply had to get one more picture.  


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Norman Rockwell Style Xmas Tree

This is my Christmas tree.  Really.

I enhanced it to look like a painting!

What fun to play around with the things you can do to a photograph.


This is my holiday gift to you:

Check out  http://lunapic.com .  It’s free!

And you can do other great things with photos to make them come alive!

imageedit_1_7699373278 Moving Reflections


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