Bill and I  have been gone for about two weeks on another Wild West trip.  I missed you, my blogger friends, and though I tried to keep up and comment on your fabulous posts, the landscape and vacation pressures kept getting in the way.  We returned to reality yesterday and have been sleeping things off all day today.  I call it a Travelogue Hangover.

I hope you haven’t forgotten me…….

New Driver Offers to Lead the Way

New Driver Offers to Lead the Way

We discovered a new driver hiring out chauffeur services when we hit Arizona, but he was a bit too short to manage the itinerary.

Where did we go?

Phoenix, Arizona to see friends.   Sedona, Arizona to share vistas and fun.   Las Vegas for heart pounding excitement.  And Carlsbad, California for family and whales.

I know this is supposed to be a “Virginia Views” site, but the next few blog posts will be about a Virginian’s views of an alien world.



Photo from Vintage 1950’s http://www.redlinevintage.com


One night we dined with “old” friends.  Our friendship is old and our ages are (barely verging on) old too.  And although we often talk of current events and joke over funny things we have lately seen or heard, this time we kept returning to childhood.

  • Bill played Kick the Can in the Bronx, New York.  He played Stick Ball too, with cut off broom sticks and a little pink ball.  The ball would disappear into a rain gutter collector  and had to be retrieved with a tin can on a rope.
  • Our friend and his pals found a secret culvert and followed it from one opening to the other.  He and his cohorts could then disappear and mysteriously reappear to confuse adversarial teams of other kids.
  • His wife loved roller skating (with wooden wheels) at the roller rink.
  • Dor loved roller skating too, (with metal wheels) on neighborhood sidewalks.
  • Bill would find roller skates in the neighborhood garbage and would attach them to an old board to make a scooter!
  • Dor twirled a baton and dressed paper dolls with clothes fashioned from wall paper sample books and played Jacks for hours.
  • We all recalled the big Sears catalogs.  “Do you remember those and how exciting it was to thumb through new arrivals?
  • People actually bought houses or barns from the Sears catalog but what about the great toys?”

It was an amazing evening of remembering that  brought us all the way back to a wonderful life.  We entered a time machine and were suddenly those kids again  – the tom boy, the girl with a baton, the West Side Story live-a-like, and the country boy looking for action.  And there we all were, once more in our own memory made wonderlands.

Remember THAT?

  • Remember when we used to hang our feet out the car window to feel the air blow through our toes?
  • Remember  bike rides to the public pool – and bikes with brakes in the pedals instead of the handlebars?
  • I rode my bike to school.
  • Wasn’t it fun to play hide and seek until dinner time?
  • Climbing trees!  I spent a lot of time in trees.
  • Remember Woolworth’s Five and Dime?  I loved Woolworth’s.  Mom took me to there for breakfast!

Oh, the night was simply not long enough to recapture our very full quartet of memories.

But we all agreed it was a wonderful life.

Who said you can’t go home?

You certainly can,

on such a night

 in the company of old friends.



Winter Leftovers Waiting for Shades of Green

Shades of Grey

My Snowy World

I went for a walk today to see the melting.  Birds and deer and turkey were all happily hunting for the sustenance that disappeared the day before. It was a snowy world now rapidly disappearing with the advent of the sun.  In some places the snow lingers, and even though I will be delighted to see it all go,  it still outlines my world with gallant touches of glamour.

Cancelled Out

We were at a restaurant.

We aimed our cell phone cameras.

We clicked at the same time

and cancelled ourselves out.

The Summertime Myth

Do you get the feeling March is laughing at us?

Defying Summer

Defying Summer

Did we ever actually lounge in a summer sun?

Picnic Anyone

Picnic Anyone?

March brought another storm today and smugly dumped a brand new blanket

to taunt us shivering souls with memories of a mythical time of dreams.

Remember when we donned shorts and flip flops, bathing suits, and tanning gel

and basked in the warming rays of the sun?

But what good is a wallapalooza snow storm without complaining? A cup of hot chocolate can only go so far.

Deer Crossing

Poor Deer Crossing

Because the memories grow stronger now about lazy summer days of poolside slumber, sun glasses, tan lines, red polished toes, birds singing, and soft warm summer breezes.  Was there ever such a time?  And will there ever be again?


Frosting on the Pool House

Frosting on the Pool House

But of course this is a Friday in March and it’s another snow day in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  No time for summer memories.  Snow shovels await.

And tonight it is supposed to get down to 8 degrees!





The Dove Knows

Whiteout View

Look at the whiteout!

There is a new storm coming.

Five cell phone Warnings came this morning,

and even more emails.

I  avoided the grocery store.

Who wants to risk drowning in starving crowds?

Forecasters call for rain, sleet, snow,  mostly snow,

maybe ice;

some say the heaviest snow yet.

Water buckets are filled.

It’s a habit really.

Mom used to fill the bathtub.

Is there really a storm coming?

Only the dove knows for sure.




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