Rusty Charm

Rusty Charm



After the mushroom growing in our wall to wall carpet,

and after systematic drywall extraction,

leaky pipe repair, and

 carpet removal,

Bill’s den is remarkably renewed!








Volunteer Collusion


There is a volunteer on my deck.

Is it the Spider or or is it the Sunflower?



My friend Scott in repose.

Scott Xmas 2015

Hay Truck

Geese n Pond Good One

Janet at Nat Brg2

I have been in another world for over a week now, reveling in the visit of an old friend who came to visit us from Arizona.

We met when our kids were little and we were all young, beautiful and full of energy.

Bill and I think Janet is still young, fun and beautiful no matter the time elapsed and no matter that now we tend to nod off in the middle of conversations!

We have had her here for nearly two weeks!  And we have been talking, talking, talking, and catching up on our lives.




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