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It comes as rather a nasty surprise that I am aging.

You too?

Oh, I knew there would be a few aches and pains,

and of course a face with well placed character-wrinkles

and some artfully arranged gray hairs.

But the plan was (and still is) to ignore such minor imperfections and compensate with self deception.

Creams and lotions help (and please try them all like I do).  The commercials might be right after all.

And  maintaining an upbeat, youthful attitude is the way to go.

This means a devotion to nutrition and exercise (if you practise on rare occasions like I do).

But who knew about falling asleep in a chair and waking up

with mouth wide open?

And how can you take charge of keeping

your mouth shut when you’re out cold?

I admit this humiliating onset of age mars my usually proud

and eternally youthful countenance.  And thankfully, I don’t snore!


I am now hoping for soulmates out there (those of you with gaping jaws)

to come forward with your learned-from-experience solutions to this ultimate indignity.


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There’s more to aging than I expected.

There is the expectation fear of aging.

For a week now my vision has been blurry.

And of course the insidious aging process has already begun.  Along with a myriad of minor aches and pains, my eyesight was fading.  Incoming email messages to my smart phone were lost in a dim sea of gray and I found myself straining (even with glasses) to read blogger’s posts and important correspondence.

Ha!  I do keep the ringer loud though, so people think I am extremely popular.

But back to fading eyesight, “Maybe I need new glasses,” I thought.

Last night I decided it was time to discuss this most recent aging complaint with a specialist.

On the other hand, maybe I should look at the smart phone settings first.


The brightness option was turned off.

And Voila!

With the click of a button, my vision was completely restored.

The moral of this story is not to let fear of aging (or warped technology) get you down.

Just because you can’t see straight doesn’t mean you need to adjust your glasses.





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Come Closer - Please!

Come Closer – Please!

Weekly Photo Challenge:  One

Every good photograph needs a focal point.  It is the thing that draws the viewer’s eye and tells the story. 

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us ONE.

Rosa the Beautiful

Every time I pass by the neighbor’s house, I wave at Rosa.  Sometimes I even stop to roll down the window and say, “Hi” and chat a while.

Rosa is a horse.

She always looks me straight in the eyes and practically begs for company. 

There she is – one lone horse watching the road, waiting.  I can’t resist!

Most times I slow down and wave but sometimes I stop to chat and she listens very carefully.  She always looks me right in the eyes.  We have hardly met up close but there is this strange, unexplainable one to one connection between me and that horse.  It’s as if we have known each other before.

People might say I’m daft to be stopping the car to talk to a horse. 

But there’s this one to one thing going on that always makes me feel happier either coming or going.

I think she waits for me and the visit makes Rosa feel happier too.


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