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Time Out

When I was a little girl running hard and playing hard

We had a universal  “shout out” signal.

We would scream,

“TIME OUT!!!!!!”.

It meant we needed to stop,

mostly to catch our breath.

Today I am calling for a TIME OUT again,

a retreat from blogging just for a while,

until I catch my breath.

Wait for me.

I shall return!

Photograph/illustration found on stilettosontheglassceiling


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It’s Friday and so many of my blogging buddies are posting randoms.  I’m “not in the mood” though.

Actually, I am thinking it may be time for a Time Out from the blog that has been so pleasurable for so long.

Maybe it’s the winter blues.

Yes,  I do believe I am Wallowing in the Blues.  Great name for a song huh?

But, winter woes do not really excuse this current malaise.  There has been very little snow this season.

Yes, it’s cold.  So what?

Is it the light?

Why does my computer screen remain a daily confrontational blank?

I am already missing you cyberspace friends.

I’ll be back when the wallow is over.






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I am feeling remiss in not reading and commenting on my favorite bloggers’ fabulous posts!


My old friend, Janet, is staying at our home for the whole month!  And what a joy she is!  We have known her since we were young “whippersnappers”, so we have a lot to talk about – not only remembering the good old days, but catching up on events we have missed since last we met.

We are also sightseeing and shopping.  I will take Pal Camera along to see what we can catch to add to future blog posts

But for the time being, my blogging addiction has been put aside.

I am in Pause mode.

I’s “Time Out” time.

Please don’t forget me.

I will be back!

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This is Teddy, Shop/Guard Dog
Virginia Born & Bred, Lexington, VA

I do not ordinarily share these secrets with just anyone, but since you asked, here are  my Rules for Effective Lounging:

  • Create an environment conducive to frequent naps and luxurious lying around.  You can start with traditional methods like stretching out on a lawn chair by a pool.  A hammock in the shade is also a nice alternative.  But really, there is nothing like a soft couch with lots of downy pillows.  The latter is my choice for the best setup of all.
  • Surround yourself with favorite foods and drink and place all beverages and edibles within reachable distance so you never have to get up.  Best to just lean a bit to get to the cheese and crackers.
  • Have ample reading material at arm’s length for a variety of activities while prone.  Consider the area within three feet of you to be your Lounging Center and nothing worthwhile can be outside the boundaries of a reachable distance.
  • Extremely Important:  Never forget to have handy the remote controls for your television.
  • Keep your cell phone nearby so you don’t have to get up except for dire emergencies or dinner, and don’t plan on answering it unless you can’t resist.
  • Draw the curtains in advance for a softer, dreamier atmosphere, or if it’s evening, dim the lights.  Foggy, rainy days are perfect.
  • Lock and bolt the doors before you lie down and don’t answer knocks or doorbells (crouch down so as not to be seen through windows).
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing, for rolling over and ease in changing positions – nothing binding.
  • Additional possible Lounging Accessories at arm’s length:  a back scratcher;
    a pen and pad for notes; hand lotion; eye pad; glasses; extra pillows for under your feet; napkins for spills.

The 1929 Coca-Cola Slogan was, “The Pause that Refreshes.”  It’s time now to take the ultimate pause.  The trouble is, it’s a pause that can last all day.  Take it from me.  I know.  I am an expert at the art of effective lounging.

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My body has a clock of its own with an alarm that winds up screaming, “Quit trying so hard and relax.  Give it up kid!  Rest! Take a day off now and then.”

So, today is a Shut-Down Day – Quiet Time – Time for R&R.  In the old days I called it “Sloth Time” – a day for reading in bed munching crackers – a time to feel decadent and depraved for ignoring life’s responsibilities.

I shouldn’t even be writing this because I’m on Sloth Time today, but fellow bloggers have said to just start writing and new ideas will come.  O.k., I’m waiting.

Sloth Time is embarrassing though, so I’m wearing my pedometer just in case there is an urge for healthy movement.  Well, at least I’m not in bed with cracker crumbs! But it’s 11AM and the pedometer dial shows a total of 56 steps.  Whoop!

No idea what to cook for dinner this evening.

Laundry is waiting.

Dog needs attention and exercise.

Husband could use help in the garden.

Ironing is piling up.

Things calling to be organized, cleaned, prepared.

And here I sit – shut down.

Hurrah!  It’s Sloth Time!

Sorry, no words coming for this blog.

Maybe if I hang in there, the words will emerge.

From National Geographic
A Two-Toed Sloth

The definition of a sloth:   Extreme laziness. Aversion to work or movement. One of the seven deadly sins.  A tree-dwelling animal named for his extremely slow movements.

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