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My friend Scott in repose.

Scott Xmas 2015


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This is Teddy, Shop/Guard Dog
Virginia Born & Bred, Lexington, VA

I do not ordinarily share these secrets with just anyone, but since you asked, here are  my Rules for Effective Lounging:

  • Create an environment conducive to frequent naps and luxurious lying around.  You can start with traditional methods like stretching out on a lawn chair by a pool.  A hammock in the shade is also a nice alternative.  But really, there is nothing like a soft couch with lots of downy pillows.  The latter is my choice for the best setup of all.
  • Surround yourself with favorite foods and drink and place all beverages and edibles within reachable distance so you never have to get up.  Best to just lean a bit to get to the cheese and crackers.
  • Have ample reading material at arm’s length for a variety of activities while prone.  Consider the area within three feet of you to be your Lounging Center and nothing worthwhile can be outside the boundaries of a reachable distance.
  • Extremely Important:  Never forget to have handy the remote controls for your television.
  • Keep your cell phone nearby so you don’t have to get up except for dire emergencies or dinner, and don’t plan on answering it unless you can’t resist.
  • Draw the curtains in advance for a softer, dreamier atmosphere, or if it’s evening, dim the lights.  Foggy, rainy days are perfect.
  • Lock and bolt the doors before you lie down and don’t answer knocks or doorbells (crouch down so as not to be seen through windows).
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing, for rolling over and ease in changing positions – nothing binding.
  • Additional possible Lounging Accessories at arm’s length:  a back scratcher;
    a pen and pad for notes; hand lotion; eye pad; glasses; extra pillows for under your feet; napkins for spills.

The 1929 Coca-Cola Slogan was, “The Pause that Refreshes.”  It’s time now to take the ultimate pause.  The trouble is, it’s a pause that can last all day.  Take it from me.  I know.  I am an expert at the art of effective lounging.

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