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For Milk Delivery

This old building in downtown Lexington, Virginia features a small set of doors on a side wall.

I thought the little doors were a local curiosity and my own curiosity prompted a small research project.  Google is quick to respond so it didn’t take long.

The old doors were called a “milk chute”.

Evidently they open to a platform where the milkman (they used to have milkmen in the old days you know) could pick up empty milk bottles and replace them with full ones.

The homeowner would retrieve the delivery (not the man – the milk bottles) from inside the house.

And if something extra was needed  (not the man) or  something different (well, maybe the man) from the usual order, the owner could leave a note in the neck of one of the returning empty bottles (hmm…secret messages?).  Actually, you could order vegetables or bread too.  The chutes were multi purpose.

And if you locked yourself out of your house, a little kid could usually crawl through the chute to get inside and open the door for you.

Clever huh?

Although home deliveries of perishable products came to a halt by the late 1960’s, there are still many old buildings with milk chutes (unfortunately, not milk men).

But, discovering little doors like this made me yearn for the good old days of  home deliveries, milkmen and mystery doors.


vintage milktruck


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Photo courtesy of the Lone Tree Museum, Lone Tree, Iowa


“Wash on Monday, 

Iron on Tuesday,

Mend on Wednesday,

Churn on Thursday,

Clean on Friday,

Bake on Saturday,

Rest on Sunday.”

~ From Pioneer Journeys of the Ingalls Family, Pepin, Wisconsin,  Household Chores

It’s Friday again in Virginia!

I vowed to send off an events diary every week for your reading pleasure

and to share my own life in capsule form.

But I am failing to meet the challenge.

My life has been a panorama of dedication to routines and commitments.

Time to let go right and make some serious life changes?

I’m washing today and it’s FRIDAY!

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The Sun Rises

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Sighted in Parking Lot

Big Foot Sighted in Lowe’s Parking Lot

Yes, there have been sightings.

Like the time someone saw Big Foot in the parking lot of Lowe’s!

Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic


And the small touches made to hearth and home.

Small Touches

And thanks to Big Foot, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

Big Foot has not been seen baking yet but is sort of enjoying sympathetic tsk-tsk-tsks and oohs and awws .

So, after all these years of hiding in the woods, the monster emerging has its up side.

One does have to keep going in spite of a swollen foot that keeps on achin’.

Big Foot in Person

Big Foot in Person


But, No, it is not gout.

And No, it is not a clot.

It is not even a recognizable break.

And my doc says one swollen foot is not associated with diabetes either.

An MRI is next.

Then hopefully Big Foot will rejoin his reindeer friends in the deep forest and

we mortal souls can get on with preparing for Christmas.




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Ellie came to get him this morning – her sweet perfectly well behaved dog, Pichu.

I did not cry but if he had been here one more day I think I would have.

We were just getting to know each other well and made great strides this morning.

Frame #1: Pichu – “I know this is my bed, but I would rather be on yours!”

I See You

Frame #2: Pichu – “Is this really o.k.?”

I Have a Feeling I am Not Supposed to be Up Here!

I Have a Feeling I am Not Supposed to be Up Here!

But we gathered up his belongings,

the toys he ignored in favor of new donations,

his food and snacks,

and his bed he may or may not have slept in.

We do not know where Pichu decided to sleep but he never made a sound all night and left us to our own slumber undisturbed.

Like I said, Pichu is a perfectly well behaved dog.  Ellie and her family deserve accolades.

He is also the softest dog ever and a great hugger.

Anyway, we loved having a golden visitor who made us laugh and almost cry for other lost canine loves.

Farewell Pichu!

And we mean it when we say, “Come again soon.”



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The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Connected

This week, show us how two (or more) things – people, objects, places – come together.

Maple Shaded Glory

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Scotty Plaque

There is a little framed plaque hanging in my kitchen just behind the new microwave and it fits right into a small space I gave it 25 years ago.  I have always loved the little lithograph but had become so accustomed to its presence I almost forgot it was there.

The image of a feisty Scottish Terrier proudly sitting on the master’s chair was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law to remind me of our dog’s funny antics and because Pepper used to sit bolt upright on our wing chair too.  It was her favorite place and she looked very much like in the picture.

The image is precious but I have always thought the rhyme beneath it completes the whole happy feeling it provokes.  I absolutely love the rhyme and once again I walk around quoting the words in my head, “Lots of things in life are junk, troubles never end, but there’s something never palls, a really truly friend.”

I also  just noticed  there is a reference on the back to the Buzza Company, makers of the plaque in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  And of course I looked it up.


George Buzza founded The Buzza Company in Minneapolis in 1907. 

Early products included college advertising posters, greeting cards, books and later framed mottos.  Buzza was considered a pioneer in his use of color and the variety of papers used in greeting cards.  The Buzza Company was one of the best known producers of framed lithographs or gift mottos.  Buzza knew that sentiment sold and no sentiments were spared with syrupy verses and pretty pictures for mothers and sweethearts. Other motifs included patriotic and religious writings and illustrations.  George Buzza retired in 1917.  The company’s stockholders liquidated the company in 1942.  

~ From about.com collectibles.  Sources: Terry Kovel, Minneapolis Public Library Online Archives

The Scotty plaque occupies such a tiny corner of my house, but it says, “Home.”  So, Thank you once again Steve and Viv all these years later.  If there is such a thing as the perfect gift, that was it.  Do you suppose I am soppy over sentimental syrupy verses and darling images?  I never thought so, but maybe so.  Maybe so.




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My body has a clock of its own with an alarm that winds up screaming, “Quit trying so hard and relax.  Give it up kid!  Rest! Take a day off now and then.”

So, today is a Shut-Down Day – Quiet Time – Time for R&R.  In the old days I called it “Sloth Time” – a day for reading in bed munching crackers – a time to feel decadent and depraved for ignoring life’s responsibilities.

I shouldn’t even be writing this because I’m on Sloth Time today, but fellow bloggers have said to just start writing and new ideas will come.  O.k., I’m waiting.

Sloth Time is embarrassing though, so I’m wearing my pedometer just in case there is an urge for healthy movement.  Well, at least I’m not in bed with cracker crumbs! But it’s 11AM and the pedometer dial shows a total of 56 steps.  Whoop!

No idea what to cook for dinner this evening.

Laundry is waiting.

Dog needs attention and exercise.

Husband could use help in the garden.

Ironing is piling up.

Things calling to be organized, cleaned, prepared.

And here I sit – shut down.

Hurrah!  It’s Sloth Time!

Sorry, no words coming for this blog.

Maybe if I hang in there, the words will emerge.

From National Geographic
A Two-Toed Sloth

The definition of a sloth:   Extreme laziness. Aversion to work or movement. One of the seven deadly sins.  A tree-dwelling animal named for his extremely slow movements.

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