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Time Out

When I was a little girl running hard and playing hard

We had a universal  “shout out” signal.

We would scream,

“TIME OUT!!!!!!”.

It meant we needed to stop,

mostly to catch our breath.

Today I am calling for a TIME OUT again,

a retreat from blogging just for a while,

until I catch my breath.

Wait for me.

I shall return!

Photograph/illustration found on stilettosontheglassceiling


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Sign of the Times

Sign Chair Massage

I actually stopped and did this after a grueling day on our Wild West adventure!

It was a first.

But ignoring the cautious inner voice of the secret invisible inner me, I thought, “For goodness sake!  You are on vacation.  Just do this.”

The challenge was to ignore the fact said chair was in the middle of a bustling shopping center.

Inner Voice:

“O.K. you have made your own stupid decision.  

Now go!  Go forward!  Just do it!

I paid in advance and then stumbled onto the torturous device.

Hoards of  passing people  were surely snickering at this poor tired lady sloping face down in the center aisle of the mall.

Inner Voice:

“Don’t bother me with your regrets now.  

Take your punishment without complaint.”

Trying to look nonchalant I finally realized my face was only visible from the floor up.

What was the view from the back though?

Relax.  Relax.

Who’s laughing?

After a minute or so, the tension left,  muscles went limp, the inner voice disappeared, and

ohhhhhh – what a delightful respite, what utter luxury, what a way to revive your shopping urges!

Have you done this before?

Forget your face, forget your backside view.

And if you have a cautious inner voice, ignore it.

Just “Do this.”




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My body has a clock of its own with an alarm that winds up screaming, “Quit trying so hard and relax.  Give it up kid!  Rest! Take a day off now and then.”

So, today is a Shut-Down Day – Quiet Time – Time for R&R.  In the old days I called it “Sloth Time” – a day for reading in bed munching crackers – a time to feel decadent and depraved for ignoring life’s responsibilities.

I shouldn’t even be writing this because I’m on Sloth Time today, but fellow bloggers have said to just start writing and new ideas will come.  O.k., I’m waiting.

Sloth Time is embarrassing though, so I’m wearing my pedometer just in case there is an urge for healthy movement.  Well, at least I’m not in bed with cracker crumbs! But it’s 11AM and the pedometer dial shows a total of 56 steps.  Whoop!

No idea what to cook for dinner this evening.

Laundry is waiting.

Dog needs attention and exercise.

Husband could use help in the garden.

Ironing is piling up.

Things calling to be organized, cleaned, prepared.

And here I sit – shut down.

Hurrah!  It’s Sloth Time!

Sorry, no words coming for this blog.

Maybe if I hang in there, the words will emerge.

From National Geographic
A Two-Toed Sloth

The definition of a sloth:   Extreme laziness. Aversion to work or movement. One of the seven deadly sins.  A tree-dwelling animal named for his extremely slow movements.

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