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I have just returned from a trip down “memory lane” with my friend, Kate of CoffeeKatBlog who wrote Things About My Youth.

We sort of grew up during the same era and many of Kate’s memories are mine.

Her funny, delightful post reminded me of a poem I wrote a long time ago about a girl in a photograph.

Who is that girl in the photograph,

the one with the spark of youth

dressed for a prom in a silken gown

with a faraway look of hope?

Who is that girl in the photograph,

the one with the faraway dream,

dressed in her best to celebrate?

I think she may have been me.

I remember that dress in the photograph

and the boy who was just as scared,

that soft starry night of the senior prom,

I remember the night clear and fair.

But who is that girl in the photograph?

She seems someone else I once knew,

the child I was, growing up and out

in a world that was changing too.

And onward time marched in quick-step

When a different boy called her wife

while the glowing girl in the photograph

stayed young and full of life.

The seasons passed and the years ticked on

while the picture stayed the same,

through challenges of work and home

and a son making Mom her name.

Running and running the years went by.

Now a grandma looks to the past

at an image of hope for an unknown life –

the young girl in the photograph.

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Flowers at the Gate

A bit neglected this lovely fence

with flowers in a row recalling

better times.

The gate still stands in silent hope

with flowers in a row awaiting

better times.

farm-fence-icon copy

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“….Whatever else you leave undone

Once, ride a wild horse into the sun.”

~from Ride a Wild Horse by Hannah Kahn

Ring Around the Sun

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Lemme Out Already 1

Spectator at the Virginia Horse Center

Did you think the sweet white dog looking out the window of this van was a painting?  I thought so too at first because he was so still.  But then he moved and looked right at me with that sadness in his eyes.  “I’m man’s best friend but they left me here and let the horses out.”

My heart went all the way across the parking lot at the Virginia Horse Center and landed right next to this little fellow.

He looked quite comfortable of course, and well taken care of, but I could see he was planning a great escape. “I’m going to live where dogs are valued the same as horses,” I imagined him saying.  “Will you help me get out of here?  Lemme out already!”

“You figure it out sir, ” I said.  “And when I see you get free, I will drive the getaway car.”

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You do know how much I love you, don’t you?



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DairyIt was a dairy.

They say it was the most active dairy in my county.

But that was before I arrived.

Today this lovely building is across the street from a Walmart and a strip mall, a bank, and a home improvement mega store.

The dairy and barn is now a Rent-all resource, mostly for farm equipment and hard-to-find tools.

If you don’t look too closely, you can imagine how it was when it was an active dairy in a truly rural Virginia community.

I have blocked out the traffic of course, and all the evidence of  “progress.”

I am imagining this is the way it was.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Kiss

Boo, the chocolate lab,  is in love with senior citizen mongrel, Rozie.  He would get closer if he could!

Boo Loves Rozie

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