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Reflection Good One

This is one of my favorite photos taken as we drifted along.  I have forgotten where we were.  Was it the Rhine or the Danube?  I do remember those are vineyards at the top of the shot.  It seems Germany is becoming known for its wines.

Foggy Morn

It was a foggy morning in a sleeping city.

Willow Reflection

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Dog on Houseboat

They seemed to be permanently docked houseboats.

We walked along the river and noticed rusty old tubs that looked as though they had been used for commerce in their better days.  Upon closer look I noticed lace curtains in the windows and potted plants along the decks.  There were mailboxes ashore too and places for garbage pickup.

Then I thought I had the perfect shot of a big old white-faced dog on one of those boats.

He was looking at us through the center of a life preserver ring.

But, by the time my camera was positioned, the big guy moved aside and began barking.

He did not want to have his picture taken and did not approve of foreigners.

As the Germans say,

“Learn to complain without suffering!”

That pup was definitely complaining, German style, but we meant him no harm.

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Ellie came to get him this morning – her sweet perfectly well behaved dog, Pichu.

I did not cry but if he had been here one more day I think I would have.

We were just getting to know each other well and made great strides this morning.

Frame #1: Pichu – “I know this is my bed, but I would rather be on yours!”

I See You

Frame #2: Pichu – “Is this really o.k.?”

I Have a Feeling I am Not Supposed to be Up Here!

I Have a Feeling I am Not Supposed to be Up Here!

But we gathered up his belongings,

the toys he ignored in favor of new donations,

his food and snacks,

and his bed he may or may not have slept in.

We do not know where Pichu decided to sleep but he never made a sound all night and left us to our own slumber undisturbed.

Like I said, Pichu is a perfectly well behaved dog.  Ellie and her family deserve accolades.

He is also the softest dog ever and a great hugger.

Anyway, we loved having a golden visitor who made us laugh and almost cry for other lost canine loves.

Farewell Pichu!

And we mean it when we say, “Come again soon.”



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This is Photo Story #2 for the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge.  The rules are to post a photo a day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph.  Oh yes,  and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.  Today I nominate Dianna of These Days of Mine.  This should be fun!

Neighborhood Chicken Ranch 1


I was saving this photo for something

I just didn’t know for what.

It looks like a gypsy caravan in

the midst of a mystery plot

 But it’s only a home place for chickens!

And I smile as I drive alongside

at the clucking mass of hens pecking

with a horse and goats grazing nearby.

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2015 Bouquet

Here came a beautiful glorious floral bouquet

to help me celebrate Mother’s Day.

Am I the only one who can see

everything this means to me?

Thank you!

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I love the space between day and night

when the clouds portend the end.

And when the sky shifts,

shrouded with filtered light

and a quiet peace descends.

Dusk in the Treetops

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Once upon a time, there was a Grand Opening!Windowless


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Echoes 1

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A Horse Named Pam

A horse named Pam lives nearby, and you can tell by her ears, she’s camera shy.


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