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From en.wikipedia.org

From en.wikipedia.org

Yesterday I watched a turkey put on a show.  Yes, I have seen photos of the he-bird with all his feathers spread out in a big fan, but being naive, even at my venerable age, I had no idea why.

But yesterday I was at the kitchen window and saw a big turkey fella all fanned out like he was on parade.  He would take a few steps forward, then a few back, and then he would ever-so-slowly pivot round full circle and then back around.

Now I know what strutting really means!

I could not see the object of Tom’s affections because Lady Mae was in a kind of hidden spot.  But I knew.  I just knew there had to be a lady bird watching.

Tom’s parade of feathers and demonstrations of immense male beauty went on for 10 minutes or more – the slow turning and preening, the look of expectation – the circling round – and all to no avail.

I was getting tired for Tom (and my neck hurt from craning) and I wondered how long it would take Lady Mae to respond if ever.  Maybe she found Tom lacking in some way.  I thought he was magnificent but who am I to judge the spread of a wild turkey’s feathers anyway?  He looked majestic to me.

But then Tom Turkey suddenly gave up.  He looked beaten and rejected like a dog skulking away with his tail between his legs.  All his gorgeous feathers went down until he was reduced to an ordinary not-so-impressive turkey.  And he turned away from Lady Mae and slowly moved off into the woods and never once looked back.  I had the feeling he was saying, “I give up. There must be someone else.”

I was so disappointed for Tom and I almost turned away too, but Voila!  Here came Lady Mae out of hiding and into view.  She moved verrrry slowly in Tom’s direction.

I could just see Tom on the edge of the woods beginning to fan his feathers once again.  He moved forward a few steps, but then moved deeper into the woods again.  And Lady Mae moved forward, and the whole “Come to me darling – Maybe I will” program dragged on until Lady Mae disappeared into the woods with Tom.

OMG – I had witnessed a turkey mating ritual and I think they knew

I was a hopeless voyeur and they went into the woods to enjoy a little privacy.

Pictures?  I could not tear myself away from the show long enough.

So I’ve posted someone else’s photo above of a Tom-Look-Alike in lust.


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