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It was long ago when my wise old mother said, “The worst part of getting old is losing things.”

“What do you mean Mom?” I asked.

“You will lose things  important to you like eyesight, hearing, balance, and energy.  Then there is flexibility, memory, resiliency,and  stability.  Add skin tone, teeth, and hair.   But don’t worry now Sugar Plum.  You are still young.  When you turn 60, it’s all downhill from there.”

News Flash Mom: I am already on that slippery downhill slope (but fighting the concept all the way)!

Eyes.  Ha! I can still see straight  (after cataract surgery) and

the Hearing is fine (if there’s not too much background noise).

Never did have good Balance (and no rhythm either) so what else is new?  Remember that Arthur Murray dance instructor who told me to “forgeddabout it?”

Flexibility?  Maybe  a stretching class or yoga would solve that little problem if I can get over muscle cramping during Downward Dog.

As for Energy,  “What’s so wrong with a nap or two during a grueling day?  It’s called Beauty Sleep after all.”


They say your brain stores up every little thing until it stores  so much material (and you are so brilliant) that it takes a bit more time to recall what you were doing or why you entered that room in the first place, or even what you wanted to say.  What was that word again?

Aha! “Brilliance!”

Brilliance is the upside of aging!

Resiliency – So I don’t make quick exits from easy chairs  and muscle fever sets in after gardening.  Such things happen at any age.  Perhaps practice would help – or a hip replacement.  There are miracles in modern medicine these days.

Skin tone can be managed with various scraping techniques, concealers and makeup.  A million thanks to Cleopatra who I heard invented cosmetics and foundation.

Hair Loss.  They have special repair kits now with tiny fibers that stick to the one or two remaining living strands (for volume) and coloring kits to dab on the scalp in a superb imitation of existing hair color.  Who knew?

Stability.  A grab bar or two or three in the shower will work.

I suppose Mom was right about the downhill slope but on the way down I am discovering the secret to eternal youth.

Are you ready?

  • Bypass any annoying stumbling blocks.
  • Ignore negative signs like wrinkles (avoid mirrors, lakes or anything chrome).
  • Sleep a lot.
  • Utilize  modern technology for positive results.
  • Employ the art of self deception. Lie (to others and yourself).
  • Keep clawing your way back up.  Agony is synonymous with Cell Renewal.
  • I’ll meet you on the way!






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