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The last few days have been bright and sunny with clear blue skies and a bracing nip in the air.

But I have not forgotten the first bite of winter just before,

when the world turned misty and the wild grasses leaned and the trees crackled stiffly,

and my once so friendly landscape turned bitter and cold.

Icy World in the Mist

Chilly Road Out

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Turkey Through a Screen

Turkey Through a Screen

It was an icy frigid morning and a turkey strolled by.

The distortion of the window screening combined with an icy landscape resulted in an impressionistic photo.

I call it “Accidental Art.”

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Waiting for Christmas 2

The tree is up and shining bright

Boxes are packed and gone

We’re expecting an ice storm overnight

Holiday cards are done.

The wood stove’s stocked,

I’ve made some chili.

Chocolate’s very close by.

I’m just waiting for Christmas now,

and relaxing with a sigh.

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