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A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing.  What’s it like?

From Business WeekSuper Libraries

From Business Week
Super Libraries

Dear Genie,

Thank You for granting my third wish for a reading and writing space – a Perfectly Private Sanctuary.  I know I didn’t tell you to surround me with real books in bookcase lined walls, but there they are.  They remind me of all the books I loved before and want to read again, and all the ones just waiting.  I have an e-reader, so how did you know I still love real books?   And at one end of the room there’s a comfy couch to snuggle up in with one of those real books.  I may lock the door and stay in here all day!

And thanks too, for providing me with that Grand Desk in the middle of the room, with my computer all set up and at the ready for whenever a blog idea strikes,  and there’s all that natural window lighting to guide me along.  The storage space and file cabinets (that match the desk) are wonderful too.  What a charming genie you are!

Oh, and just look at that reserved wall full of photos!  It’s a special Place for Favorite Awesome Photographs.  There are my own accidental beauties, and I am smiling at the grand and awesome treasures I saved from favorite photo blogsters too.  No, I promise not to reprint others works without permission.  They are simply inspirational.

Oh to have a room of my own – a Perfectly Private Sanctuary all set up just for reading, writing, photographs, storage, and quiet contemplation.  That was my third wish Dear Genie, and Thank You now for making all three of them come true.

What were my first and second wishes?

An empty room to create a private sanctuary.

A Daily Prompt to help me decide what should go inside


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