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Daily Prompt:  Three Tenths

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

How strange that out of the 10 words that came to mind, I found three that are so true.  I have been writing and writing and writing, and thinking and thinking and thinking, and now I would like nothing better than to take a nap, even if I Snore!

The writing addiction is so pervasive however, that I believe I will eventually fall asleep at the keyboard.  Maybe I should have selected some of the other words like Love, Generosity, Caring, or Move, Can’t, BlueSleepy is in there too.

This was a fun challenge.  Time for a nap!


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Yes, it is winter but the sun is shining.  I stood at my bedroom window for a full minute this morning (as the “Prompt” suggested) and I was reminded of spring.  There is still a hint of a green grassy lawn and the rays of the sun cast promising shadows.  Directly below my window is the copper pot which holds our garden hose all coiled up and ready to go.  The snap dragons are still alive and thriving even though we had some severe freezes just days ago.  The forest to the side is still barren but somehow, along with the sun, they too seem hopeful.  What I see from my bedroom window on this winter morning is the promise of spring.

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