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I believe in writer’s block because I have had it for about two years now. It began just before the pandemic. Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to blame it on that?

How confined one becomes when hunkering down.

Or maybe I could blame it on Big Foot and then the Creaky Hip.

Perhaps it is a matter of concentration.

Or maybe I need to take a different eye view of the world,

a walk on the wild side

or just time for contemplation.

Can you tell I have reflected on this?

And have come to a conclusion

that in the end, there is really no writer’s block.

You simply have to sit down and start writing.


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Even now as I sit at the computer, hands on keys, ready to go, I am feeling empty headed.  I don’t know where I first heard that term, maybe from my mother long ago.

I should be writing an earth shaking blog.  Where did I hear that term?  I think it was from my mother long ago.  I would hear her talking to a friend who asked, “What’s new?”  And Mom would answer, “Nothing earth shaking really.”

Well, that’s how I feel.  And I am so empty headed that I find myself relying on the Daily Prompt for motivation.  And I am relying on the Weekly Photo Challenge too.

Still, nothing earth shaking is really happening and I am still feeling empty headed, so what do I do?  Maybe if I go shopping?

Cheers Flamingo

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No, it’s not THAT kind of talk.  Where is your mind after all?  Pillow Talk was a movie!

Barb of Before Morning Breaks, did a post that asked her followers what part of their lives would be good material for a movie.  I was stunned because I could not provide a coherent answer.  I was in the middle of writer’s block and saw my life as blah, bleh, and borrring.  But Barb’s personal advice went like this, “I know about that lizard you keep for a pet and that is not part of a normal day.”  Well, the lizard was just visiting, and I have nothing left for a pet but a paranoid, schizophrenic dog (perhaps fodder for another fabulous post?).  But then, maybe I could write about my pillow?!

Flashback to 3 months ago:  I woke up one morning and could hardly open my mouth.  Some would rejoice at this phenomenon, but I was trying to bite into a slice of toast and experienced a huge, horrible pain.  This was not particularly alarming because it had happened many years ago when my son was in diapers.

These diaper pins were used in the 1960s to fasten cloth diapers on babies.

In that long ago period just after the dinosaurs, diapers were made of cloth and had to be secured with diaper PINS!  My son was a squirmy baby who kicked and struggled so I held the pins in my mouth while controlling his flying little legs and I would CLENCH my teeth!  Result: I could not open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich.  A very wise dentist asked me, “Are you gritting your teeth?” Ha!  And once I discovered the diaper pins were the cause, I relaxed the clamped jaws and the whole problem disappeared.

Not so this time.  There are no diaper pins to deal with of course since my son is a grown man.  Another wise dentist said, “Maybe you are grinding your teeth at night.”  How could I control that?  There’s a device you can use like the football players and boxers do, but I fear that would keep me awake all night.  So, I have been suffering for 3 months.  Granted, it has slowed down my eating habits but weight loss is not a happy side effect.  I just take longer to devour the same amounts.

Where does the pillow come in?  Patience.

The pain in my jaw became even more troublesome to include shocking stabbing pains and the inability to yawn.  Have you any idea the frustration of a Half-Yawn?  Horrible!  Two more trips to the dentist and hundreds of dollars later, the pain was still there.  Until – –

Suddenly I had an idea.  Maybe it was my pillow!  I was fighting with the old pillow because it went flat over time (well, flatt-er).  I was boosting my head up with my fists and guess where those fists were braced?  Against my jaw!  So I bought a brand new pillow.  Sleeping got easier but the jaw pain stayed awhile.  Still, it seemed to get a little better each day.

My Hero!

This morning I yawned!  A full wide open, cover-your-mouth intake of breath to push the oxygen through this depraved deprived body, get the heart moving and provide a sense of well being. What a difference a pillow makes!  Doesn’t that sound like it would be a good song?

I LOVE MY PILLOW!   But  Barb, do you honestly think this is movie material?

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Christi is my niece.  She read the Writer’s Block post I recently entered, and she actually took the time to think about my dilemma.  I was at an impasse and quite incapable of creative thought , much less creative writing.

Christi then shared an idea she had for restoring creativity and the urge to write.

Here is what she said:

“Aunt Dorothy,

I have been reading about your writer’s block and I have an idea that might help.  Go for a drive, go somewhere you don’t normally go and just look around.  I suggest this because as I am sitting here in NYC, I looked up and saw a sign for a nuclear fallout shelter.  I starting thinking that I had never seen one before and then, I wondered how many people had even noticed it.  What kinds of things exist around us every day that we either don’t notice, or take advantage of?

I don’t know if this will help your writer’s block or not, but I hope it does.”


Isn’t this fantastic advice?

And it works!  I actually went for a drive today and came up with a great idea.

Thanks Christi.  You make a difference.

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The dry spell is my own.  I haven’t experienced it before.  Always, there is another blog idea lurking, waiting.  Always, there is an emerging untold story even when I think there are no more stories left to tell.

The far away thunder has announced a little rain storm again.  I can hear it coming and wonder how this can happen when I am in the middle of a thought vacuum.  Yes, now it’s raining!  And the downpour is a taunting reminder I am experiencing writer’s block.  My world has been empty and dry.

Is my life so boring, there is nothing left to tell?  The rain answers, “Just write.”   Or does that really mean “Just Right?”

Watch for the next blog post (but not with too much excitement or anticipation please). I have never had writer’s block before.

Ah Ha!  I have thought of a subject to share with you and will call it “Dining Inn.”   The welcome rain is nurturing ideas along with mother earth.

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