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Lost Something

I bought a beautiful piece of wearing apparel for my daughter-in-law’s Christmas gift.  I would love to tell you what it is, but Emmy reads the posts so you will simply have to guess.

The gift fits in a big sweater box.  That is your only clue.

Don’t leave yet!   I know you are not particularly interested in what I bought for my daughter-in-law.   I know that.

However, the thing is, Item X has disappeared!  And therein is the mystery.  I need help because this blogger’s mind is slowly/rapidly disappearing too.

The razor sharp wit and intellect that used to be my trademark is getting a little on the rusty side – maybe even corroded.

I went to the dermatologist recently.  And she said the little bumps scattered here and there upon my milky white skin are “barnacles” that come with age.  And – get this – the brown spots are AGE spots too and there is not a thing I can do about them.   I tried hard to grin and bear it under her forthright scrutiny but have been looking for another more politically correct/more flattering dermatologist ever since.

Anyway, the barnacles may have spread to my head now, because I simply cannot locate Item X, which is something that is bigger than a breadbox and smaller than an elephant – namely, Emmy’s gift!

Being extremely organized and eager to have everything in one place and ready to go when I start wrapping, I have begun gathering all the pre-purchased gifts for the holidays into one room.

Not only is everything in one guest room (don’t come for a visit now please) but everything is divided into logical piles.

This item goes in the “Son’s Family Pile.”

And this goes in the “Janet and Kids” pile.

And this goes in the “Locals” pile….. well you get the idea.

I could hardly believe it but the Son and Family pile is missing one major item – the daughter-in-law’s gift!

This is so frustrating I can hardly write.

I have looked everywhere in the house.  I know it is somewhere.  I know it.  But where?

I have checked all the closets, drawers, and shelves, under beds, and even in the pantry!

The only place I have not looked is the attic and that would require climbing a ladder to get to it.

Will I have to go shopping again for Emmy’s gift?

And if I find something else, will I forget where I put that too?

Help!  Any ideas you can share about where you might have put things you can never find again will be greatly appreciated.

And if you can find my lost mind that would help too.


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