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Treetops and Snow Sky

March 24, 2013.

The first day of spring has already come and gone,

but not winter.

Another snow storm is already here.

We are ready.

Ready for the wood stove again, and

a generator that looks tired but willing,

with bread, milk and staples in the pantry,

and dog food and woofer snacks too.

Will the power disappear again?

It’s winter in spring in my part of Virginia.

Driving out for Dinner


The Way Out - Untrodden

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Daily Prompt – Seven Days

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.


What would I do with a whole week of no appointments, no obligations, no worries, and $10,000 to spend?  I would drive myself (and my husband) to Dulles Airport and book the first flight to a sunny beach!  Never mind packing!

The fact is, we have just come through a horrendous winter storm and have been left with no power.  It’s cold because winter is not yet over, and the landscape is even muddier and bleaker than it was before the 10 inches of snow.  It looked so beautiful at first though.

Better  is Better

We are fortunate indeed to have a little generator to turn on and off for water since our well pump is dependent upon electricity.  Flushing is important after all, and paper plates are running out.  And we are even luckier to have a wood stove that keeps the whole house cozy. We can cook some things on top (well, warm some things anyway).   Some people around us had to go to shelters and there are still thousands without power or any supplemental resources for survival.  So I am grateful.  Really I am.

O.K., so I should not complain!  I know.  I know.  But, even from this advantageous position, and thanks to WordPress (%&Xo!!$XXoO#*!),  I secretly find myself dreaming of barefoot strolls along the ocean, waking up to the sound of gentle waves upon the shore, relishing the soft breezes of a warmer clime and experiencing the ultimate luxury of being served breakfast in ultra luxurious accommodations. Add shopping, strolling, dining, and dancing on  balmy nights beneath the stars, and, no, it would certainly not take me long to go through $10,000 in a short seven days!

Selfish?  Yes.  But I told you this was a WordPress Dream didn’t I?

Mainly, with just a few add-on amenities, it’s a simple dream really, and I am simply a simple woman looking to escape winter.

It’s only for seven days!  What’s the big deal anyway?

And if you are now seeing me in a negative light for being un-philanthropic with the $10,000, please blame the Daily Prompt at WordPress!


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I love snowstorms and I don’t even ski or skate.  I just get so excited at the prospect of the world changing.

And this morning we definitely got a changed world her in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I call it The BIG Snowstorm, because I suppose it is the largest amount of snowfall we have had this year.  Well, this year is still in its infancy.  But this is definitely a BIG SNOWSTORM!

We have lost power of course.  And how lovely to have the wood stove perking away and a little generator that provides us with the basics – like water when we need it.  I know, winter storms can be burdensome but this one is more like an adventure – for the moment.

Naturally, I had to brave the elements and take photos.  With the wind and snow blowing in my face and the sounds of cracking trees in our adjacent forest, I really did feel brave.  Rozie, the dog, followed me but aimed for home in a run when she thought I was ready.  I also discovered there is a tree down across the road so we can’t even get out until Bill minces it up with his chain saw.

Here’s what it looked like an hour ago and the snow is STILL COMING DOWN!   Oh my.  It’s a whole new world.

Sagging Maple TreeMemories of Summer 1

Sagging Crepe Myrtle Tree

Picnic Anyone

Down the Road

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Sandy seems like a silly name for a storm of historical significance doesn’t it?  Maybe if it was named George I could take it more seriously.  Also, this is the first time in my adult life I have not been totally prepared for a threatening storm or epidemic – especially this storm which is supposedly of epidemic proportions!  You see, my home has been filled with family and friends for the past two weekends, and I guess I’m tired.  The last of  ’em just left this morning.

There has been no time to think out a list of needs either, or to hit the grocery store.   I heard the stores are sold out of water anyway.  I know we have large containers I can fill with our tap water but I just don’t have my heart in it or the energy to lug the containers around.

I am in denial and in a kind of lolling lethargy with a secret wish this storm named Sandy, and/or her side effects will simply miss our little haven in the hills of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

What is my husband doing while I am blogging about my lethargy?  Watching a football game!  He is the optimist in our family.  Well, he did do something to his big  tractor to make it ready for a possible snow storm.  Yes, Sandy is also threatening heavy snow in the higher elevations.  Sometimes we are considered higher and sometimes lower.  Anyway, Bill seems to be in a semi state of lethargy too.

The point is, Bill and I are now  statistics.  There are always a certain number of people who do nothing in the face of dire storm warnings.  They usually regret it.

Me, I’m hoping for great stormy weather photo ops to keep on blogging.

Will keep you “posted.”

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