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That morning I saw a lone deer

standing statuesque

and gazing at a field of snow.

I glanced away to other mundane chores,

looked back and back again

to find her still unmoving,

shocked and staring.

“Where is that grassy field I knew just yesterday?” 

she seemed to ask.A Cold World

“What is this sea of white?”

And as I ate a quiet breakfast and sipped my tea 

I realized hunger was the poor deer’s plight,

for there she stood shocked and wondering

what to do or where to be

until resigned she turned and walked back

into the forest.

A Cold World 2


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Beeuteeful Fenceline AAIt’s here!

The first big snow of 2013!

And as always, I waited with great excitement for the first flakes to fall.

Born and bred in Florida, I suppose the thrill of snow will never fade and even though we lost power last night at 7PM and  it is still gone and we are still struggling with the generator, I am absolutely thrilled to see the first real snow of the year.  And it is soooooo beautiful as the sun shines on glistening heavy laden limbs and the countryside is glowing in pristine white like a young bride.

I went out as quickly as possible to get pictures!

Bring on the Sun

Crepe Myrtle in Winter


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