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View from the Sheridan Livery Inn, Lexington, Virginia


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file_23012_beagleYesterday was an icey cold day in this part of Virginia and I was napping.  A mix of rain and sleet, plus wind and a light coating of snow made sleeping midday pretty cozy.

And I was dreaming.

I dreamed about a little Beagle dog who was crying to enter my house.

She was out in all that frigid weather.

And she was walking right by my window, looking in.

I awoke with a gasp!

And in spite of anticipated pain in my BigFoot from radical fast movements, I quickly got to my feet and actually rushed to the nearest window.

No Beagle.

Was it real, that dream?  Was there really a little dog out there begging for a permit to enter?

I was so sure it was real,  I actually staggered from window to window peering out and hoping.

But, No Beagle.

Last night I saw once again my Dream Beagle, and this time I let the poor pup in.

I have wanted to adopt a dog for so long now that the dream became an entirely plausible reality.

They say, “Dreams are wish fulfilments.”

I am still checking all around the house for my Dream Beagle.

But a Mutt would be fine too.

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This is Photo Story #5 for the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge.  The rules are to post a photo a day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph.  Oh yes,  and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.  Today I nominate Debbie of The Mountain Kitchen, a place to learn a whole lot of wonderful things about food, delicous-ness, and mountain living.


It is an odd thing,

a windowless view

of a landscape unseen

and a sky never blue,

of lovers inside

with an old lovers’ kiss

but no more to hide

of a sweet lovers’ tryst.

It is an odd thing,

a windowless view

From both inside and out.

This is my final submission for the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge.  In a way, it felt like cheating because two of the five were poems.  But I learned  from this exercise that poetry is my automatic first response to sights and sounds and photographs are particularly inspirational.  Thank you to those who followed along with my “stories” and thank you if you joined in on the fun. The results have been spectacular.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo with a window.

I’m late responding to this week’s challenge, but here goes……..

Kitchen Window Sky Lights

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A Fence-line from the Inside Out

We are experiencing a bitter cold and windy day here in the Valley.  I had hoped  for a  drive with Bill on a search for photo ops,  but just getting in and out of the car would have been a chilly challenge.  A deceptively bright sun began to shine early on, but the day stayed shivery cold anyway.  I decided to cuddle up by the wood stove instead and here’s my fence-line observation from the inside, out.

Fenceline Through a Window 2

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Yes, it is winter but the sun is shining.  I stood at my bedroom window for a full minute this morning (as the “Prompt” suggested) and I was reminded of spring.  There is still a hint of a green grassy lawn and the rays of the sun cast promising shadows.  Directly below my window is the copper pot which holds our garden hose all coiled up and ready to go.  The snap dragons are still alive and thriving even though we had some severe freezes just days ago.  The forest to the side is still barren but somehow, along with the sun, they too seem hopeful.  What I see from my bedroom window on this winter morning is the promise of spring.

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Kitchen Window View 2

Look Out!

Until my husband and I moved to this remarkable place, our kitchen had a view of the parking lot at our townhouse condo.  Parking lots are not boring really,  because you can watch people coming and going and read funny license plates.  My husband found a good one once.  It said, “LOOK OUT!”  – with dots in the O’s for eyes.  But back to the kitchen window, I vowed if we ever built a home, it would have a window with a real view.  And maybe I would put a sign on the wall above the sink, saying, “LOOK OUT!”

Horses on the Pasture

So, as they say, “It came to pass,” that one day we did build a home in the Virginia countryside and  have lived in it for 24 years!  Although I never put up the sign, the kitchen window does look out upon a pasture and a remarkable view of the mountains afar.

HorseLucy Out to PastureThe pasture used to be populated by our two horses, Martini and Lucy Looselips.   At one time they took us on the trails, but eventually they (and we) retired and  became beautiful lawn ornaments (them, not us).   And  I could gaze out the kitchen window and see Lucy and Martini grazing peacefully and could bring them apples and carrots in exchange for soft snorting kisses.   Then we lost Martini at 28, and Lucy Looselips died when she was 32.  Imagine? That is supposed to be very old for a horse.   We called her Lucy Looselips because her lower lip hung down in a funny kind of way.

A Backstage Setting

The pasture is still lovely with trees and grasses that change color and density with the seasons, topped by a somewhat distant view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Sometimes the mountains are really the color blue.  I wonder if that’s how they got their name.  Someone marveled at a dusky view and said, “Look at those blue ridged mountains!”  And it caught on.  But sometimes they are grey-green, and others charcoal and maybe topped with snow or fog or rain clouds.   Lightning storms in those far off hills are fascinating and we often sit on the deck for a light show.  And the sunrises are phenomenal and the moonrises too. It’s a never ending panorama as if it were a backstage setting in preparation for a new performance every day, every hour, every season.

Country Living Through the Looking Glass

The kitchen window brings back memories of a baby fox playing in broad daylight as if pouncing on a ball, or the herd of cattle who once wandered over for greener pastures, a horse who once galloped into our swimming pool,  the bear having a picnic under the peach tree, and our grandgirls’ hooting and hollering at play.B,D&Girls onTractor

And looking through the panes of glass from the inside out, I see, once again,  pictures of a chosen country life, and mirror-like reflections of who I once was, who I am, and what I most enjoy in life.  And, the wonder of it all is I can still work at the sink and “look out” my window on the world.

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