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The problem with blogging is people begin to know all your weaknesses and character flaws.

Most cyberspace friends already know this country girl’slady’s flaws:

  • A devout shopper,
  • a worrier,
  • guilt ridden
  • a planner,
  • and a neat freak.

My hope is that all in all, you all (y’all in Virginia-ese) find these combined traits to be endearing.

But did you know that the BigFoot whiner was once an outdoorsy camping enthusiast?

Here are some FAQS you may have missed:

  • Once, at 3 AM, I threw an air mattress across the pup tent at my devoted spouse.


Because I kept sliding off and onto the cold lumpy ground.

  • And another time, I ran with a coat around my ankles to get back to the tent.


Because it was deer hunting season and it occurred to me that a beige suede coat whilst relieving oneself in the woods would conjure up images of a white-tailed deer!

  • And how about the time I had to wear a black patch over my eye to a party.  And it wasn’t Halloween and it wasn’t a costume to make me look like a Pirate either.


Because a giant gnat bit me near the eye and it swelled up to a frightening countenance.

  • And then there was the time we were six minutes into the Appalachian Trail.  Bravely carrying a 30 pound back pack I was moaning and lagging in line behind husband, our 8 year old son, and Tinker, the dog.  That’s when I sat down in the middle of the trail and cried.  


Because Y’All,

I hate camping!

More FAQs?

  • How about the tent that blew away?
  • Or having to sit under a tarp until a deluge of rain lets up?
  • Or trying to sleep listening to something or things crashing through the forest?
  • And wondering if we will be attacked by wolves or bears or angry deer.
  • Or being “Nose Cold” (and I don’t mean a head cold).  I mean a nose that’s almost frozen along with toes.

And now you have another character flaw to add to the list!

And Thank you Andrew for inspiring this post!



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Verde Canyon RR

Our trip west included a four hour ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad over a historic route from the town of Clarkdale to Perkinsville and back.  Clarkdale is a city that was planned and created by William A. Clark for easier access during the boom days of the Jerome copper mines.

Today the Verde Canyon RR offers a stress free wilderness adventure they say is “Arizona’s longest running nature show…railroad style.”   It is a historic ribbon of rails between two national forests and adjacent to a national wilderness area following the upper Verde River.  Natures Craggy Face

Verde Canyon RR 1st Class Car

Our renovated passenger car was an old fashioned Pullman with living room style seating and panoramic windows.  Champagne was served upon departure and lots of snacks too.  Between the champagne and the rocking of the train, I may have been too tipsy to get good photo shots but the opportunities were certainly there.

The real show stoppers on this unique ride through “Arizona’s other Grand Canyon” are the fascinating geology and remnants of mining history, towering cliffs, and spectacular views of the Verde River.  And oh yes, there are Sinagua Indian ruins along the way that date back to 600 B.C.

Den of the Cave BearA River Runs Through It

In the mood for an old fashioned train ride that will definitely take you back in time?  Check out the Verde Canyon Railroad!

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Reflections on Cedar Creek

Reflections on Cedar Creek

Sometimes the only thing to do is listen

to the worldly moves of Nature’s strife.

And sometimes the only thing to do is marvel

and allow her in  

to penetrate our silent awe.

Mossy Ledge

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A Walk on the Wild Side - Our Forest

Photo by Dor at Virginia Views

The mystery of the forest awaits

as I walk once again to my secret place

a small bench halfway along the trail

to sit and listen and rest awhile.

The forest fills with sound,

the purring whine of  insects,

a wooshing breeze,  a song bird’s song,

a stream’s shhhhhh and trickling,

the chatter of leaves, 

unknown cracklings  and 

Yes, I can hear nature’s sigh 

that matches mine.










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