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Daily Prompt:  Origin Story

Why did you start your blog?  Is that still why you blog,

or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

My son did try to tell me years ago how much he thought I would enjoy blogging.   “Hmmmmph!,” I said.  “I have no intention of putting myself out there in dangerous cyberspace! You have got to be kidding!”

Virginia Born and Bred – The Virginia Shopper

It all started with Julie, my friend who owns a local gift store downtown.  I was already writing to help her promote her products, but one day she called and asked if I would consider blogging.

That was the birth of The Virginia Shopper blog, an ongoing adventure and a viable connection to her shop’s website. That blog is blatant promotional writing with some useful ideas and fun things to look at and hopefully, buy.

Technicolor Day Dreams

Next I was intent on creating a personal blog in a collection of flashback memories of a lifetime.  I always wished I had a diary or journal from my grandparents to have known them better. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to use technology to give something like that to my own grandchildren?

After about a year of creating a mostly autobiographical blog, I converted it to a printed book which became a Christmas gift to my family in 2012.  I like to think some future relative will open the book and marvel at the lifestyle and thoughts of a long-ago ancestor.

Virginia Views

And now there is Virginia Views that began as a treatise on country living.  This blog, which has wandered considerably from its original intent (to make me a second Erma Bombeck), continues as a place to express myself in words that have been lying dormant in my head for years.

There is only one individual I aim to please with Virginia Views, and that person is me.  The fun part is discovering a collection of family, friends and a fellow blogger family who seem pleased as well.

I sense there is an evolutionary process going on here, don’t you?

It is the Evolution of a Blogger.


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Daily Prompt:  Million Dollar Question

 Why Do You Blog?

I blog to write.  For as long as I can remember, I took pen in hand or fingers to a typewriter to put my thoughts down on paper.  Now I put my thoughts out in cyberspace.  Creative writing is what I love to do most and what I do best.  It makes me happy and focused.

Blogging has given me a universe to play in, where I can write to my heart’s content.  And there is a bonus in finding fellow blogger friends who become part of my internet family.

I am converting my blogs to real books so all that writing will really be in print.  The books might be my gift to grandchildren and generations to come.

Why do I blog?

To tell my stories, to share my feelings, to understand my own life.


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