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Pichu Overnite 1-30-16



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I Kinda Like This Man

I know this isn’t home but…….

Not Bad. They Have Toys Here

These people have my toys.

My name is Pichu (pronounced “Pee-Chew”) and I’m visiting some new people.  I met them once before and they seem nice but I am a little apprehesive about staying the whole day this time and overnight too.

My family are away at an ice hockey game in Maryland.

Some of my own toys are here and these new people  have squeaky toys too.   The lady gave me some chicken bits that were delicious.  Then they both took me outside.  Wow!  That was fun.

I’m resting now and there is time to think about home.  Pichu wants home, but this place will have to do.

Was a Deer Here?

Was a Deer Here?

Exploring Outdoors

A New World of Scents

A New World of Scents

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Boo Joins Us in Bed

This great big chocolate lab named Boo was eager to say, “Welcome!” on our first morning at son’s house in Carlsbad, California.  He jumped up on our bed with no invitation and was ready to snuggle right in.  Did he know how much we were missing old Rozie? Just look at that doleful look.  I think he knew and was trying to help.

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