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Mine is not a favorite flower, but a tree

much like a graceful waterfall

casting shade in a veil of green,

growing tall and swaying in the wind –

the magical Weeping Willow.

My camera-friend, Pal, and I went for another walk in town today.  We snapped a variety of interesting subjects, but then came upon a gigantic Weeping Willow tree.

I have loved Weeping Willows ever since we moved to rural Virginia.   I love them for their graceful cascade of fine leaves, and for their show-stopping, “look-at-me” appeal.

I am certainly accustomed to admiring many large specimens scattered throughout Rockbridge County, but this Willow is absolutely awesome even as she overlooks a parking lot right in the middle of town!  And while she resides in this mundane space, her imposing height and width are all the more dramatic.  Obviously a determined survivor, this gorgeous specimen is the tallest most imposing Weeping Willow I have ever seen.


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