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One of the newer blogs I follow is Morristown Memos and Ronnie’s latest post was really funny.  Well, much as I hate to steal inspiration from  a blogger friend’s genius ideas, “what are friends for anyway?”  Here is my story of human exploration.  Thanks Ronnie!

Exploring a New Computer

I received a new computer for my birthday last year.   The lovely thing has so many keys and bells and whistles I knew I would spend weeks experimenting.  Why not just push buttons to see what they might do?

So I started clicking.

And suddenly there was a full screen picture

of a person I never met.

“Who is that ugly old hag?” I thought.

And then, alas, there was dismayed recognition.

“Oh No!  The Hag in the Computer is Me!”

I will never click that button again and I will ignore the sign on my computer that says “Skype – Voice and Video Calling with Built-in Webcam & Mic.”  Want me to share the picture of the hag in the computer?  Ha!

P.S.  If you would like to read Ronnie’s story of personal exploration, go to http://morristownmemos.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/the-store-window/ .  It’s a “doozy” as they used to say in the good ole days.


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