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Father & Daughter

It seems like yesterday a child arrived 

and my son was smitten with great pride

Look, a moment captured,

when all our dreams were in their eyes.

She is our oldest grandgirl, Jess

now graduating from Virginia Tech.

Graduate school is the next step

and our dreams are in her eyes.




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Remembering the Slain

I had a whirlwind tour of Virginia Tech  when we went to pick up my oldest granddaughter, Jess.  I was reminded it was the place of a mass shooting six years ago when 32 people died.

I was awed by the enormous campus, teeming with activity and people walking, talking and en route to various destinations, all busy with their lives as if nothing tragic had ever happened there.

“Life does go on,” I thought, but those slain have not been forgotten, especially not on that busy campus.

I was taken with one area  marked by orange balloons floating in the trees –  a student memorial to those who were lost.

Virginia Tech

VA Tech 2

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