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Storm Warning!

Storm Warning!

As always I feel a pent up excitement at the threat of a real snow storm.

We haven’t had one of those in a while.  In fact, we are having a relatively innocent winter.

But here came a forecast from my favorite meteorologist who predicted a shovel-worthy snowfall!

I kept watching the windows, getting more and more anxious,

like a young girl waiting for her first date, in love for the first time – waiting.

And here came the snow just as predicted!

Bill Clearing in a Snow Storm!

Bill Clearing in a Snow Storm!

Make Yourself Comfortable!

Make Yourself Comfortable!

I was so delighted I went out to shovel walkways even though they are immediately filling up again.

There is at least a foot of snow, maybe more, and more coming to add to the overnight pileup.

Dinner Will be Served!

Dinner Will be Served!

I love the way the world is so transformed, with ordinary objects taking on new shapes and dimensions.

And yes, I may soon tire of the novelty and wish again for easier living.  I know.  I know.

It is foolish to love something that causes

so much disruption in so many lives, but

for now,

for this day, 

for this moment in time,

I love snow!

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