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Daily Prompt: Stranded

bench city

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends.  Where do you go; what do you do?

I guess I woke up with amnesia.

What?  No breakfast?  And what, no lunch?

I have a hat so I will sit against a building looking forlorn, whilst holding the hat out. This boils down to trusting people to help.  Will anyone deposit coins?

I walk until I find a bench to rest upon and can watch the lucky, well-heeled, well-fed people strolling by. Maybe someone having a sandwich lunch will sit next to me and be willing to share.  This boils down to trusting people of course.

I try to make a friend.  A friend will definitely help.  How does one make a friend when one does not speak the language?  Surely I can find someone to listen to my tale of woe who wishes to help, and maybe take me home for dinner? This means trusting people again.

Oh, there’s a police officer just down the street!  Even if he arrests me, at least I will have food and shelter until the day is done.  Mom taught me the keepers of the law are there to help.

Moral of the Story:

Appeal to the goodness of mankind.  It’s the key to survival. 

Otherwise, just stick things out. 

Tomorrow is another day.



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