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Elsa is beginning to love and trust, but it’s a long haul.

As difficult as it is, I now aim for the floor to meet her on her own level. Elsa is our little rescue dog who has been with us for three months. 

Getting up from the floor is the challenge of course but Big Foot (swollen foot that is now Slim Foot) is allowing weight bearing moves!

At first Elsa seemed confused and suspicious when I hit the carpet but she decided in two days it might be acceptable (if not alarmingly odd) human behavior.

She comes closer now when I am down there, close enough for a belly rub but not quite near enough for a hug.

We are making slow but positive progress.

Yesterday while Elsa and I were connecting on the floor,

the looming shadow of a man-person emerged. 

Gentle Bill wanted to join the party too and was on his way down.

Immediately alarmed, Elsa gave a mighty jump and hit her head on the coffee table. Then she crouched nearby in a terror pose.

She finally realized we humans were down there for family love and noone wanted to hurt her.

She inched closer, sat between us, and rolled over for double belly rubs.

This is true progress because Elsa cringes when we try to pat her head and shows unmistakable signs of previous abuse.

For now,  with patience and gentle handling,

Elsa is beginning to love and trust, but it’s a long haul.


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Daily Prompt: Stranded

bench city

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends.  Where do you go; what do you do?

I guess I woke up with amnesia.

What?  No breakfast?  And what, no lunch?

I have a hat so I will sit against a building looking forlorn, whilst holding the hat out. This boils down to trusting people to help.  Will anyone deposit coins?

I walk until I find a bench to rest upon and can watch the lucky, well-heeled, well-fed people strolling by. Maybe someone having a sandwich lunch will sit next to me and be willing to share.  This boils down to trusting people of course.

I try to make a friend.  A friend will definitely help.  How does one make a friend when one does not speak the language?  Surely I can find someone to listen to my tale of woe who wishes to help, and maybe take me home for dinner? This means trusting people again.

Oh, there’s a police officer just down the street!  Even if he arrests me, at least I will have food and shelter until the day is done.  Mom taught me the keepers of the law are there to help.

Moral of the Story:

Appeal to the goodness of mankind.  It’s the key to survival. 

Otherwise, just stick things out. 

Tomorrow is another day.


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