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Ready to Plow TractorWe had a snow storm yesterday and I was all prepared.  Water was stored in miscellaneous containers, candles at the ready, flashlights with fresh batteries, and the wood stack stacked in survival mode.

Pretty Snow from Deck

As it turned out, none of that was needed.  The snow fall was heavy at times and landed thick and threatening but never stuck to our gravel driveway and melted on the paving stones so you could get to our front door.

And today the sun arrived!  And we watched the fastest melt in history.

It was a the right kind of snow and a sweet farewell from winter -like a concession speech to Spring, the victor.


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Best Waiting

Do stop and look.

This is Virginia’s countryside

with swooping vistas,

far and wide, and

farms and fields and long horizons,

rolling hills and sparkling skies.

Do stop and look.

This is Virginia’s countryside.

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