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Shop Lifting for Fame

What a wonderful thing it is for a blogger to receive awards from fellow bloggers.  I feel especially euphoric today because I received The Reader Appreciation Award from the Newfoundland Traveller.  And of course I wish to thank Pauline for including me in her list.  It is a terrific honor because she is so infinitely professional in every way. Her posts are not only entertaining, but educational and insightful, and they offer glimpses of a similar but different culture in  a parallel universe.


The award was actually given for my old blog, Technicolor Day Dreams (a natural mistake since I recently ended that one and Pauline did not know).  If you are visiting me at Virginia Views, then you know this is my new blog about country life.  So, Pauline, forgive me if I am greedily accepting your award.  This could be called Awardlifting (tantamount to award shoplifting).  But, is it really “lifting” if I am stealing my own award from my own blog for another of my own blogs?

Ahem.  O.K. – I confess!  I am accepting The Reader Appreciation Award anyway.  Is there a blogging police patrol? What is the punishment for such a crime?  Can I go forward with this cowardly, reprehensible act?  Is it worth the risk?

Yes – I will take the risk!


My responsibilities as a Reader Appreciation Award winner (I have no shame) are to link back to the person who gave it, and then to nominate six worthy bloggers to receive the same award.  I hate this part and I love this part of the Awards process.

  • I love it because I truly appreciate all the fabulous blogs I follow. They are consistently beautiful, fascinating, edifying, funny, and ever inspirational.  Really.  Even criminals recognize excellence in blogging.
  • And I hate this part because I know I will regret leaving out any of my favorites (who may not want to be associated with an award thief anyway).  Each deserves applause even if they are lucky enough NOT to be included here.

Forging ahead no matter the consequences, the six worthy  blogs are below.  Do check them out for reading pleasure!   They are my new (perhaps illegal) nominees for The Reader Appreciation Award:

An Observant Mind – Because Karyn is a fabulous writer who has perfected the art of self deprecation and her blog posts are full of humor and perspective.  She gets herself into a lot of “situations” and the best parts are how she gets herself out.

Minimalist Lifestyle – This blog explains the joys of cutting down and cutting out the clutter in your mind and in your environment.  It’s about simplicity as a goal and getting down to the basics for ultimate living.  I always feel clear headed after reading one of his posts! Would that it would stay that way!

Coffee Kat Blog – Kate is a fabulous writer, full of humor, wit and endless stories of the people in her life, the fun and funny incidents, her cats,  and her experiences in the Human Resources field.  Her meanderings are well worth reading for sheer enjoyment.

Coming East – Coming East was one of the first blogs I ever followed.   I am  still a devout fan of Susan’s for her insightful, heartwarming stories, beautiful photographs, and I love it when she throws  in a surprise, comedic zinger!  She always catches me off guard with her trick endings, while at other times she is seriously profound.

Jonesin’ After 40 – Stacy is truly a versatile blogger who deserves immense appreciation for her delightful stories and reflections on the joys and challenges of family life, love, and children.  In between she laces her blog with hilarious observations on coping with life’s changes after 40.   I can hardly wait for the next one (post that is – the life’s changes I can do without)!

Serene Scribe  –  Writing to find peace and harmony,  Dana brings us into her very special world of charm and humor.  Her stories grab you from the start as places to laugh out loud (like the one about her first visit to a chiropractor) or to learn something profound.  Warning! Dana’s posts are addictive.

O.K.  You can bring on the handcuffs.  I have no remorse!


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