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For those of you who have been following my posts on the progress of construction of a neighborhood “Mystery Building”, and who thought the mystery was solved, there is more!

Yes, we know it will be a home.  Around these parts, home is generally referred to as the “homeplace,” (all one word) and this is definitely going to be someone’s homeplace in rural Virginia.  We know this because a friend went over and asked what the building would be!

“So, what’s the big mystery NOW?” you ask.  “I mean, the building looks a bit on the odd side, but so what? We know it’s someone’s home.”

Well, one day I was merrily on my way to town and not thinking of the Mystery Building.  After all, I know it’s someone’s homeplace now, so why dwell on the odd little dwelling anyway?

But, I cannot resist glancing in that direction to monitor progress and when I saw it from a distance I gasped in awestruck shock.  WHAT are they doing NOW?!!!

What does it look like to you?

Mystery Building Being Buried

Mystery Bldg Being Buried 2

They are covering the back and the roof with DIRT!

Now I am going to look up things on the internet about landlocked housing.

Is their homeplace going to be underground?

Mostly underground?


Will they plant a garden on top?

Does this explain all the smokestacks and domes?

The first article I found in my search gives some very good clues about Underground Homes!  Check out the article below.  The second article below is my own first post, when the “homeplace” emerged as an ongoing mystery.

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We found a place in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Then we sat together on the hill and imagined a house that would face the mountains,

a home that would accommodate many changing needs,

where my old mother could live with us,

where we would welcome our grandchildren yet unborn.

It would be a refuge of calm and caring, and

a place of peace, comfort and harmony.

The home-place took shape and did all of that and more.

But, before the house, we sometimes camped

in our imaginary home place,

enjoying the land.

And a neighbor-to-be brought over gallon jugs of fresh water

to quench our thirst.

When our car broke down, another neighbor-to-be said “take my car and use it as long as you need to.”

And still another brought us fresh vegetables straight from his garden,

while others stopped by just to chat.

These people never met us before yet welcomed us in ways that left me stunned

with gratitude.

The dream house of my imagination now stands where once we camped.

We have lived in it now for 24 years.

We have three beautiful granddaughters who have visited often.

My mother lived with us for several years before we lost her.

Our son visits.  Our family visits.  And others call to make reservations.

The house is our refuge of comfort and harmony.

And our neighbors-to-be are now our closest friends.

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