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Elsa on the Sidelines

Elsa on the Sidelines – Note: Lovage Herb still growing mid-November!


Today is chilly and wet here in rural Virginia.  When we go outside, our new dog, Elsa, confines herself to exploring under the eves of the house where it is still dry.

I too confine myself to the interior to keep warm with wooly socks and comfort foods.

I am contemplating the arrival of Thanksgiving.

However – the stores are already playing Christmas music!

And whole aisles are devoted to holiday trimmings and diabetic inducing holiday sweets.

Time seems evermore meaningless.

Commerce demands earlier and earlier displays.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have Christmas in August for Bill’s birthday.  Why not?

Tree and all.

My friends and I are becoming cynical about the charms of winter.

But then I discovered  a magical snow globe.


  • It plays holiday music.
  • Turn it upside down and of course there is a gentle snow storm.
  • And flip a switch for barn illumination and little colored lights that twinkle in the trees.
  • I am transported in time to the sweet charms of Winter.

The little globe has done what no store display could do.

It has inspired me to look forward to a joyful winter season with much to be thankful for.

So no matter what holiday you celebrate, my wish for you is joy


warm socks.



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Chicha 002This is Chicha Bonita, a very cute old lady pup who loves people.

She was the Welcome Receptionist as we celebrated Thanksgiving with friends in Lexington, Virginia.

Bill and I met a whole passel of new and interesting people there.

And by the time the turkey got to the table, we loved it all – the people, the food and the party that was getting louder and louder.

We missed our family and friends who live “out west”.

We missed our grandgirls.

And it felt strange not to be hosting the great event.

But even though we were a little shy at first, I suddenly turned around to see Bill slouched on the couch watching football with the guys.  And next time I looked he was laughing and talking and making everybody else laugh too.

I was still feeling a little shy though,

at least until a SOS Thanksgiving trauma

when I managed to lock myself in the bathroom!

The door would not open, period!

Really?  How mortifying!  How long would I have to stay in there?

I pounded but no one heard.  They were all either in animated conversation or cheering.

Well, they would surely miss me at dinner

and notice the empty seat at the table wouldn’t they?

I was contemplating climbing out the window into the cold night.   Nah.  Too dark. Too cold.

I kept pounding and wrestling with the doorknob.

Finally there was a calm comforting voice on the other side of the door.  “Don’t worry,” said the voice, and “Does anyone have a credit card?”

Was he planning on buying his way in or what?

“There is a tiny little latch to the side of the doorknob,” said the voice.  “Lift it.”

With some concentrated effort I lifted the latch.  And the door magically opened to one of the family’s handsome sons.

“My hero!” I said.  “Thank you for setting me free.”

And though I was tempted to swoon, I started laughing out loud instead.

How unglamorous to be locked in a bathroom during Thanksgiving festivities!

But with that, I was suddenly relaxed, happy, and ready to party!

Not counting that red-faced predicament, it was a traditional Thanksgiving –  a delightful, everything-you-would-expect Thanksgiving to be and more.

It was a wonderful group of giving loving happy people full of laughter, stories and the joy of sharing.  And by the way, the food was fabulous too.

A  special thank you to our lovely friends for taking in two more “strays” (Bill and me) to join in that celebration and Thank you Chicha Bonita for presiding.



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I planted snap dragons in early spring,

some in a bed, but not really all.

I reserved some for against a wall.

And waiting to see what would thrive,

some things lived and others died.

The dragons were the first to fall

except for those against the wall.

They lived on and on and on,

right through Thanksgiving

and beyond.

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It’s here.  It’s upon us.  It suddenly crept up and took me unawares.  Today I went to town for a haircut and suddenly noticed the streets of Lexington, Virginia are festooned with decorations for Christmas!  And it’s the day before Thanksgiving!

No, I’m not really complaining.  There’s something about twinkling lights and poinsettias that add cheer to a dismal winter season.  After all, it’s a time for singing, rejoicing and of course indulging in forbidden delicacies.  I too, have begun holiday shopping and wrapping, so I’m in the spirit – well sort of.

Non-Cooking Without Crowds

Which brings me to Thanksgiving, which has not yet occurred, but feels like it’s over already.  Alas, this year my spouse and I will be sans visitors.  Nope – no kids, no families, no neighbors, no strays – nobody but us.  Please do not mourn for this devastated, lonely old couple.

We do not feel alone.  For the last month our son and our grandgirls have visited  twice at our home, and then came  old friends for several days too.  I know – it’s not the same as family and friends  sharing THE holidays, but you can have chestnuts by an open fire without crowds can’t you?

Cooking Non-Cooking is one of the benefits of a lonely holiday season.  I’m not saying, “Woe is me,” mind you, but I expect words of sympathy will be flying across the blogusfear anyway, especially when you read what’s on our Thanksgiving menu.

Turkey Ala Butterball– Yes!  I will definitely have to cook that fresh.

Jellied Cranberry Sauce Ala Can Can (from a can)

Stuffing Ala Stovetop – 5 minutes to prepare (from a box)

Savory Gravy – Delightfully Prepared  (Available in glass jars)

Unbelievable Mashed Potatoes – Pre-prepared Microwavable Variety

(Only a Gourmet Cook Would Know the Difference)

Dor’s Famous Carrots and Turnips 

(Just boil til tender and mash ‘em up with butter – Yum!

Green Beans May-be

And finally – Pumpkin Pie Perfection – Courtesy of Marie Callender

I know.  I know.  Almost everything is either from a can, a jar, or a box! 

But doesn’t it all sound delicious?  And I have a feeling it will be just that – a scrumptious meal with all the right trimmings and none of the work or the gnashing of teeth or the 5AM early-to-rise non-stop preparations.  I simply cannot wait for tomorrow to come!  And I haven’t done a thing yet.  And please don’t remind me about the dangers of ingesting prepared foods.  This is a HOLIDAY!  I might even drink diet colas and eat more than that meager little slice of pumpkin pie designated for the “little woman” in the house.  Like I said, I can’t wait for tomorrow!

And what will we do for entertainment?  I think there will be a great movie at our local cinema, or I can see the whole darned Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!  And later on, when the big feast bloating has subsided, there’s always more pie in the kitchen!

Will we miss family and friends this Holiday season?  Definitely.  My son and daughter-in-law,now living in California,  are having 25 people for dinner tomorrow, while my three grandgirls in Virginia will be sharing the holiday with their Mom.   Of course, I am having twinges of loneliness for all of them.  On the other hand, I am having twinges of thanksgiving that we are all healthy and happy in our various parts of the world.

So, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all – to my family, my real-time friends, and my blogger friends somewhere out there in cyberspace.  May your holidays be filled with cheer, no matter how you achieve it, within the bounds of good taste of course.

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