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I love how the landscape changes with every passing season but this year we are at “high speed.”  I was just getting used to autumn when the heavens said, “NO!”

Red Maple - Last to Lose its Leaves

Our Red Maple That’s Really Yellow And Last to Lose Its Leaves in Fall

Bill's Last Mowing

Bill’s Last Mow


Winter Quiet on the Homefront

The Day Before Thanksgiving?



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Thanksgiving Dove 1

There was an early morning greeting 

from a soft, sweet turtle dove

resting on my deckside railing

 sending messages of peace and love.

Yes, the day seems cold and dreary

but take a look below.

A Dove and a Deer

Is that a deer quietly moving

through the night’s collected snow?

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you

and add a message from the dove.

Take time to look with a dove’s eye view

for a world of peace and love.

Thanksgiving Dove 2

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