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Friend Lunch

Dining in a Virginia Orchard

The bear came back today.  I was preparing lunch when there was Bruno having his own lunch in the “orchard.”  The orchard consists of two fruit trees that didn’t make it and one pear tree that may still be offering something edible.

Bruno is a teenager or young fella who is out on his own I think because we never see the Mama Bear.  Anyway, as I sat down for lunch I was imagining joining the kid and sharing a pear or two.

Fortunately, reason and abject fear stopped me from being mauled to death.

Shopping Delusions

I thought I finally purchased the perfect pair of jeans yesterday!

Some stores have mirrors that make things look great.  The illusion is usually fleeting. This store was like that.  Wow! I looked young and glamorous in that mirror.

And the jeans even felt good – the stretchy kind you know and high wasted like in the old days so they wouldn’t slip down below my belly button.  A bit long but I began hemming them as soon as I got home.

Well yes, they are comfy all right and I wore them all day today.  But some people (like me) don’t have the right body image for jeans.  Mine always seem rumpled and a bit too baggy (my body as well as the jeans).  Obviously, jeans should emphasize curves shouldn’t they?

Having a flat butt doesn’t help I guess.  I mean you have to have curves to emphasize them.

Yesterday’s Outing

Yesterday was a big shopping day and lunch out with my friend, Norma.  We do something exciting like that once a month.   A lot of talking goes on (stored up for four weeks).

As for shopping, I am almost overwhelmed in those big malls with so many choices. Living in small town rural Virginia you get used to limited buying opportunities.  This time my friend and I added “The Cheese Shop” in Stuart’s Draft, Virginia, for spices and nuts, dried fruits and homemade jams and jellies, and cheese of course.

We had lunch at a Thai restaurant but I missed Bruno. 

And on the way home we stopped for a frozen yogurt dessert.  It was a cool ending to a lovely day.



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Lion Tamer Oldie

It was the week that was and unfortunately nothing much happened.

How do my witty blogger pals come up with magnificent summaries of fun filled fascinating days?

One sees wild horses and swans, and another treks into the unknown, and still others record family reunions, baby birds learning to fly and the drama of insects pollinating the world.

This old gal staggers out of bed each morning and things are pretty much the same as yesterday.


 It was leftover from a sore throat that hit two weeks ago.  Not a pretty sight really.  Not a pretty mood either.


 Seems the older I get, the more tolerance I have for frizz and things.

The trick is to think of my head as covered with a lion’s mane.  Then try to avoid mirrors.  And no matter what – walk tall with pride.

Dad always said to do that you know – walk tall with pride.


No, not the money.  These were six male deer with antlers, except for one.  No, not the antler – the deer.

There was a spotted antlerless fawn hanging around the macho crowd!

Talk about luck.   I missed that awesome photo op too. 

But, did you know deer have bachelor parties, or that they invite youngsters to join in?

Don’t you think this raises all sorts of questions about the nurturing habits of deer?

Maybe they have the equivalent of inner city gangs teaching  newbies how to maraud and pillage.  It would explain the mass extermination of plant life in our gardens.


We hit a new Thai restaurant in Staunton, Virginia (pronounced Staaantin by our locals) and I smugly ordered Green Chicken Curry like I knew exactly what that was.

There was an extended level of HOT shock and awe.  I was speechless, hacking, and had no control over watering eyes.   The wait staff looked on with pity and kept checking to see if “we” were all right.

Norma was doing fine with her Red Chicken Curry.

I left the restaurant hungry but on the positive side,  my sinuses were cleared.


 Talk about excitement!

I am really looking forward to that and to including the event in next Friday’s Exciting Random Rants.



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Ubon Thai Victorian Inn 2Yesterday I went again with my friend to the Ubon Thai Victorian Restaurant and Inn in Staunton, Virginia!

I know the name of the place is enough to make you smile!

We had been there before for lunch on one of our “outings” but were hankering again for the ultra delicious Thai food.

And we were once again greeted by the happy energetic Mrs. Ubon Herlong.  She was born in Nakonsawan City, Thailand) and is the eager-to-please owner/chef/server who insists demands you enjoy yourself.   She loves telling stories of her life in Thailand and will even call you “Baby!”  And her cheerful presence actually enhances the authentic Thai dining experience.

“No MSG here!” she said.  “All organic!  You want MSG?  You go Chinese!”  Ubon and Dan Herlong

And we are immediately grinning.

Our big smiles begin in the parking lot in back and escalate as we follow our noses down meandering garden steps.  Somehow we wander into a Thai inspired world of kitschy ethnic charm.  The restaurant is in a building 150 years old offering succulent food inspired by Anna and the King of Siam! The name of the place is cause enough for smiling, but merging the Thai culture and cuisine with a splendidly elegant Victorian atmosphere is totally unique.

And then there is Dan Herlong (Ubon’s husband) who graciously took us on a tour of the Inn the first time we were there.  This time he showed us a cell phone tracking device that helps you find your misplaced phone.  It beeps louder when you are heading in the right direction!

And of course the building is a beautiful example of the Victorian age in Virginia.  Within blocks of downtown Staunton it was once called The Belle Grae Inn and was built in 1870 as part of a 200 acre farm at the edge of town.

Today’s version of the Belle Grae Inn in Staunton’s historic “New Town” is now the Ubon Thai Victorian Restaurant and Inn.   It’s a pleasant walk to shops and museums and an easy drive to Colonial and Civil War history, a little tricky to find, but patience and a bit of circling around Staunton got us there just fine with “ample parking.”

But the irresistible draw of the Ubon Thai Victorian Restaurant

and the cause of so many smiles is the attention and the food!  

Ubon makes you feel you are visiting her in Thailand and the food?  

Well, the food is simply delicious!





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