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Daily Prompt:  Call me, Maybe.

telephonedial2Describe your relationship with your phone.  Is it your lifeline,

a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I remember how telephones used to be.  I even remember party lines where there were several people talking at once and you could listen in on some very interesting conversations. 

We only had one phone, just as we only had one car and one bathroom.  Imagine?  And if we called anyone long distance we were supposed to shout.  After all, long distance meant the recipient was very far away, so we had to shout to be heard.

There were also phone booths on most street corners because nobody had cell phones.  There I go, dating myself again.  Mom always said, “Don’t forget to take a dime so you can make a phone call if you need help.”  If you forgot your dime, you could always ask at a nearby store or gas station, “May I please use your phone?”

Not Smart Enough for a Smart Phone

So, I love my phone!  I love the one in my pocket or purse and I love the three we have at home.  We even did away with the land line phone and all ours are now “cells.”  Imagine?  I guess I’m not smart enough for a smart phone yet though.  They say you have to take a course to learn how to operate one.  And they have something called “apps.”  I don’t think I need apps, whatever they are.

The only time I have been annoyed with my wonderful not-so-smart ignorant phone is when a local guitarist-teacher- musician’s phone number was one digit off mine.  Students and would-be students were calling constantly to make or break appointments and would leave lengthy messages.  He is a very popular teacher. I finally connected with him and the problem was solved.  Guess his phone got smart and changed its number.

Invisible Friends

But I love my phone so much I have joined the crowd of people who immediately call people on their “cells” when the airplane’s wheels touch ground!  And I love watching people who walk around waving their arms and making hand gesture to seemingly invisible people. 

And I love being able to call home if I’m going to be late, or to call for an emergency tow, or not to have to remember a phone number because it’s programmed into the “cell.”  On the other hand, I almost forgot my own number once!  Imagine?

Phones make for wonderful stories don’t they?   Who knew?


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