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Upper Body Exercise

There is a trick (I have learned the hard way) to staying fit while being unbalanced and dragging around a cement block (the big Air-Cam Walker Boot attached to Dor’s foot).

Actually, there are two tricks to gaining strength and even losing weight.

One is for the upper body called the GWee Gym which is a portable elasticized thing. You can establish some rather nice routines with this neat little gadget but I have only used it once in these first weeks of adjustment.

This is because my upper body is too tired

from dragging around the cement block on my lower body.

Yesterday, however, I discovered a build-up-your-LEGS-exercise that, with practice, will turn me into the Wonder Woman I always wanted to be.

I know this sounds like a modern fairy tale, but if you are interested in a Magical Muscle Building Technique (even if you have no Air-Cam Cement Block Boot on your leg) read on:

Note:  The electrical go-carts at the big grocery stores

are the Exercise Machines of Choice.

  1. Climb on a go-cart and tootle around filling the basket to your heart’s content.
  2. Go all the way to the back of the store.
  3. At this point you should run out of batteries.
  4. Now walk to the front of the store.
  5. Pick up a regular push cart you have to manage on your own two feet.
  6. Now walk it to the back of the store to meet your dead go-cart.
  7. Transfer all the many items you have purchased from the electric cart to the “real” cart.
  8. Now walk to the front of the store again and pick up another “charged” cart and finish shopping.
  9. If there is any battery life left, drive the 2nd electric cart back to the real cart and transfer all remaining items again.
  10. And finally, walk the real cart to the front of the store to check out.

Note:  This routine does not even include the walk to the car or loading and unloading the stuff in the lot and at home.

Image from quotesgram.com

Image from quotesgram.com

I have noticed I am losing weight and getting stronger hips and legs.

I’m sure it’s because of all these magical exercises so I will keep doing them right into the New Year!

Tomorrow starts the New Year!  Time to roll over on the right side again!

HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends.    Happy New Year!


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