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I’m not superstitious.   I mean I don’t worry too much if a black cat crosses my path and I have been known to walk under ladders.

I don’t believe in bad luck on Friday the 13th.

But this Friday has been different.

Our old dog, Rozie had an impacted tooth pulled yesterday (Thursday, the 12th).  All went well considering her age and the vet promised, “Rozie will do just fine.”

And Rozie did do just fine until the morning of Friday the 13th – this morning.

On this, the morning after the surgery, she got up and walked outside with Bill for her morning ablutions.  Hurrah!  We were thrilled at such fast and positive progress.  However…..


Rozie’s legs gave out and she sat in her ablutions!


That was bad enough, but she had to be pushed, prodded and aided indoors where her ablutions littered the wall to wall beige carpets. She was mortified.   She was embarrassed.  I could tell.


So the morning of Friday the 13th I spent on hands and knees with a bucket of water,  rug cleaner, sponge, brush, soap bar, paper towels, and gloves in an attempt to clean Rozie and the rug.

Then everything got quiet.

Rozie went to sleep around 9Am and stayed in blissful slumber until 3PM – “sleeping things off.”


The telephone rang announcing company is coming tomorrow resulting in a silent scream!

I don’t have enough food in the house!

In a desperate attempt to fill the larder with SOMETHING, (and while Rozie was still asleep) I made cookies and peanut brittle, resulting in spilled sugar on the floor, a mess in the kitchen and a huge cleanup endeavor there.

And the ultimate result was a headache and shaking signs of exhaustion.


The telephone rang AGAIN announcing more company is coming day after tomorrow and I  wondered if I would have enough energy to deal with a sick dog and  back to back visitors over the weekend.

I took a long nap along with Rozie.

On the brighter side, even though the day is not yet over and there could be more horrifying incidents, Rozie seems tranquil.

Bill hand-fed her roast chicken and buttered toast!

No wonder she is tranquil.

Now if she will only stay upright before the clock tolls midnight!

And a few hours to go and Friday the 13th will be over!

I can uncross my fingers and put the rabbit’s foot away til next year.

Honestly – I am not really superstitious.


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