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All of a sudden some of  the serious news of the world is being presented by silly female reporters with ringlets.  Have you noticed?

In addition to this 1930’s child’s hair style reminiscent of Shirley Temple, reporters are also GIGGLING through interviews.  I often wonder if the ringlets are what encourage the high pitched giggling.  They do seem to go together.

But, Rejoice!  The Morning News Has a New Look and a New Feel!

It’s a party!  Come one, come all.  It’s a street gang, a celebration, sometimes even dancing.   News station cue cards will tell you when to jump up and down and scream.  You are encouraged to make faces, wave, hold up signs, but mostly to giggle!

Look at the cheering crowds.  What a great way to swallow serious news!

Listen to the raucous laughter of the news staff.  The weatherman’s is  the loudest.  He’s your friend.  He’s funny and oh-so- lovable.  What a way to swallow the weather!  Stay tuned for more happy news or even not-so-happy news delivered with joy.

It seems the major networks have swallowed a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down!

What is happening to the news anyway?

Don’t they know I am not a morning person?

I want to get my news “straight” and I’m not happy with all this fabulous fun and frolic.

I know ringlets have been around since Roman times but I still associate them with children.  Ringlets and Reporters just don’t seem right.  It’s a  jarringly un-serious look.

What do you think about the delivery of your morning news?

Shirley Temple with Ringlets


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