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I wish I had taken their picture.

I went to visit old friends who have been married  for 72 years.

He is 98 , looks 65 and is still a community volunteer!

Still driving her around town too.

He proudly says he takes no prescription medications- only Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and baby aspirin.


She is 92 and beautiful – elegantly coiffed with painted nails, gorgeous clothes, and a smile that transforms her face to youth.

They are both beautiful.

I love talking to them, or rather, just listening to their stories of a lifetime together.

Oh, there are the negatives like lost hearing, balance and reading ability.

But they both offer this advice:

“Do not dwell on  the things you cannot do.  Be grateful for  the things you can.”

And they are truly my inspiration.


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The dry spell is my own.  I haven’t experienced it before.  Always, there is another blog idea lurking, waiting.  Always, there is an emerging untold story even when I think there are no more stories left to tell.

The far away thunder has announced a little rain storm again.  I can hear it coming and wonder how this can happen when I am in the middle of a thought vacuum.  Yes, now it’s raining!  And the downpour is a taunting reminder I am experiencing writer’s block.  My world has been empty and dry.

Is my life so boring, there is nothing left to tell?  The rain answers, “Just write.”   Or does that really mean “Just Right?”

Watch for the next blog post (but not with too much excitement or anticipation please). I have never had writer’s block before.

Ah Ha!  I have thought of a subject to share with you and will call it “Dining Inn.”   The welcome rain is nurturing ideas along with mother earth.

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