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Riddle:  What Numbs Pain, Kills Germs, Helps Time Go By and Lasts Forever? 

*Answer to follow after general ramblings.

I am not certain when I began to think about hoarding for some unknown crisis.  Maybe it was when Mom stocked up for oncoming hurricanes.  We lived in Florida.

Or maybe it was the time Bill and I in younger days, carried everything we owned in an old Chevy (2 knives, 2 spoons, 2 plates, etc.).  Could this have triggered a deprivation syndrome?

Then there was the pandemic threat – avian flu you know – and anyway, my favorite books were (and still are) “doomsdayers” like about the plague, the Great Influenza, the Perfect Storm,  the devastating 1900 hurricane in Texas, etc.

I am not a survivalist, so forgeddabout collecting guns or building a bunker (although such thoughts tend to drift in and out from time to time).

Instead I began collecting reams of ideas on What to do IF.  It’s all about “storing” (hoarding is such a negative word isn’t it?) and the ideas are filling up a big notebook.  I am not an actual hoarder either – but some things just make sense, like the notebook of course and knowing WHAT to hoard when it seems necessary.

Having experienced jocular ridicule, this notebook is only shown to serious visitors who promise not to laugh, and of course now sharing it with you, in short spurts (for impact) with no guarantees re your reactions either

There is a big section in the book about Food Hoarding Storage though!  And at least one of you INTELLIGENT bloggers has asked for more info about that.

Store Indefinitely

Food Item #1 if you may recall, was FRUITCAKE.  Do plan to stock up on edible tinned fruitcakes this winter since they are supposed to last forever!  Never mind shellacking them for doorstops.

Today’s Thought is re Item #2 for Practical Hoarding (remember the Riddle above?):

*What Numbs Pain, Kills Germs, Helps Time Go By and Lasts Forever?   


I heard (but have no real proof of course) that HARD LIQUOR will keep forever!  But it is said that all distilled spirits such as vodka, rum, whiskey, gin and tequila are “ever-afters!”  

I, myself, am not a regular drinker, but can see why one might turn to Southern Comfort in certain terrifying conditions. Think “Hurricane Parties!”

In addition to having potential nutritional value, there have been movies where alcoholic beverages served as antiseptics as well as superb pain relievers (anesthesias) for mortally wounded film heroes, to say nothing of mind altering drunkenness in the face of impending amputations.

Thus, from a rather sober point of view, hard liquors may definitely be construed as  hard working multi-taskers with endless longevity – the perfect items for hoarding.

Now I hope you will stay tuned for more Practical Hoarding tips.  You might be surprised.

And I can’t wait to tell you all the things you can do about WATER!

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