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To Lock Your Pocket

There is a special outdoor shopping center in Sedona, Arizona called Tlaquepaque (pronounced Teh-Loch-ah-Pahkey).   I do not know what it means, but one of the resident artists  said I should call it “To Lock Your Pockets” or prepare to spend a lot of money!

Built in 1971, this entrancing art/shopping center features amazing outdoor bronze statuary, delightful restaurants and cafes,  lovely shops and galleries, and the most beautiful jewelry imaginable.  There are more than 40 shops set among graceful arches, dancing fountains, tranquil plazas and shady verandas.  And there are four courtyards to explore with flowers and greenery, iron railings, hand painted tiles, surprise niches, and places to sit and ponder.

Fountain Magic

A Boy Takes Wing

A Boy Takes Wing

This little guy kept running back to the bird statue even though his Mom was calling him to leave it.  He was obviously enchanted.

Wild Horse Statue

I kept running back to this horse!

A Cowboy n His Dog

Bill and I and my brother and sister-in-law ambled around  admiring the bronze statuary and stopped at a wonderful little cafe for lunch.  In the end (locked pockets or not) we could not resist the shops.  I spotted exquisite handmade copper pendants, bracelets of Peruvian opals, smooth hand honed wooden treasures, stained glass in every variety and size,  and art – always art.

Artists make this place a true haven for discovering one-of-a-kinds.   Two of a kind work well too.  Viv  and I both found the same wonderfully soft eternity scarves.  According to the sales staff, we will always be “put together” because no matter how we throw them on they will look casually elegant.  If I send a photo you must let me know if this is actually true.

But if you are ever in Sedona plan to visit Tlaquepaque if only for a charming stroll or simply to sit in the shade if you think you can resist the shops full of wondrous things.

And of course,  enter those shops at your own risk and remember to “lock your pockets.”




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