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Plate Size Peony

This is why I love Spring  more than Fall,

at least for now, since ’tis the season.

Which flower is most beautiful of all?

Is the plate sized peony the reason? 

Or is it the purple iris growing tall?

Or the sweet coolness of a summer breeze

wafting in as if to tease?

I walk and think and plan and look.

I love Spring’s promise;

an introduction

that reads better than the book.

Our Iris Bed

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At last my world is green again

 and filled with color again.

 I am digging,

edging, playing,


loving, and hoping.

Spring is here again.

Tulips in Circuar Flower Bed 2

Cow Covered Hillside

Blue Ridge Fantasy Clouds

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Beauty and the Fence

Autumn used to be my favorite season,

but now it is spring.

I have forgotten summer’s weeds

and biting things,

for hope has taken over with 

sunny promise,

and just look!  

Just look at all the color!

Polka Dot Plant

Through My Dentist's Window

Colors of Spring


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We kept saying, “Spring is almost here.”

And Spring did come along

with forsythia, redbuds, and a visit

from two of my grandgirls.   Yes, Spring is here!

Greening of VA Macky in Disguise Mackenzie Nicole Sleeping Beauty Jess Tech Student Stocking Up

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Treetops and Snow Sky

March 24, 2013.

The first day of spring has already come and gone,

but not winter.

Another snow storm is already here.

We are ready.

Ready for the wood stove again, and

a generator that looks tired but willing,

with bread, milk and staples in the pantry,

and dog food and woofer snacks too.

Will the power disappear again?

It’s winter in spring in my part of Virginia.

Driving out for Dinner


The Way Out - Untrodden

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