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Storm a Brewing 2Random Friday Randoms

  • I paid the locker fee for a whole year at the YMCA.  Now the question is, will I go?  And/or, will I go regularly?
  • Also signed up for a Beginner’s Crochet class at our local Stitchery

    Actually, I know how to crochet but unable to read a pattern, join new skeins to old ones, or end a thing so it doesn’t unravel.  Some folks have received Dor’s scarves that are undoubtedly unraveled by now.  And apologies if your feet are sticking through that afghan I sent last Christmas!

    It was the same with a long ago Beginner’s Typing Class when  I was already typing fast but had no idea how to set margins.  Good thing WordPress sets the margins for us!

    Is this a personal personality flaw or what?  How about playing the flute in high school and making First Chair after memorizing Flight of the Bumble Bee while never learning to read music?

    But more randomly:

  • We had dinner out with good friends (the same good friends) twice this week (or was it thrice?).  It is always amazing to find we never run out of things to talk about.
  • The grounds around the house are lovely again, filled with the hope of beauteous blossoms and neatly manicured beds.  Everything is mulched, trimmed and awaiting the encroaching weeds of summer and deer denuding.  Spring never fails to elicit hope in my heart and oh, Virginia is truly gorgeous this time of year – like the fancy icing on a wedding cake.


    en.wikipedia.org Cardinalis cardinalis male feeding female, in a white-flowered C. canadensis

There was a storm brewing today though.  I am afraid of thunder storms so managed to beat it home in time but it didn’t thunder too much after all.  Otherwise, there is always the closet for shaking in privacy and  missing old dog, Rozie.  Rozie used to be so frightened of storms that her teeth would literally chatter.  I have never heard of a dog’s teeth chattering, have you?


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Waiating for Spring 2

Our Rhodie Waiting for Spring – Photo by Dor

We haven’t seen the worst of winter here in Virginia but our 26 year old Rhododendron knows just how to cope.  When the weather turns nasty she squeezes all her leaves into narrow tubes to hold in any life giving warmth.   And on days of light and sunshine she opens her leaves and shows off an impressive array of healthy buds.  She is obviously patiently waiting  for spring, and every time I pass by I am reminded that each season has its glories.




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Last of the Redbuds

Last of the Redbuds

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Nothing but Blue Skies Do I See

Nothing but Blue Skies
Do I See

Last Howl of Winter

Last Howl of Winter

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Beauty and the Fence

Autumn used to be my favorite season,

but now it is spring.

I have forgotten summer’s weeds

and biting things,

for hope has taken over with 

sunny promise,

and just look!  

Just look at all the color!

Polka Dot Plant

Through My Dentist's Window

Colors of Spring


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Mini Daffodils Awaken

Mini Daffodils Awaken

They say there’s another storm en route

and March does not mean winter’s fled.

Still the daffys smile and sprout,

Proclaiming spring is just ahead!

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