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As you may know, I am “into” sparkly things – like glittering skinny jeans.  I love rhinestones and other gleaming things too like maybe diamonds.

But then I got a FB message about a very special gift and it is in keeping with the “end results” of my sparkling skinny jeans.

I can hardly resist this gift.  In fact, I will not resist.

I plan to give myself this phenomenal set for my own personal, private joy over the holidays.

Here is what I saw in A Facebook message which I first deemed to be crude and then I began to LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Please take no offense at the somewhat crude language here.  It is not my own, nor do I condone it, but you gotta admit it’s funny!

Glitter Pills for your Poop

A gift idea for that person who has everything (and probably tells you alllll about it). Now they can shit glitter.” 


Glitter Pills

P.S.  Sellers Warning and Mine Too:  Do not actually eat these pills.  Eat at your own risk.  They are really only meant for laughter.

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