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Dec Storm Diego by Nightfall

Nightfall – Winter Storm Diego 2018

Dec Storm Diego by Nightfall

It was predicted to be One Inch of Snow!

Turned out to be over a foot!

We never lost power but it was this December’s Winter Storm Diego that dumped a whole lot of snow on our rural Virginia paradise.

We were curious about Elsa’s reaction!

Elsa is the new rescue dog and we are still trying to understand her past, her story, and how she feels about things.

How would The Little Dude react to deepening snow?


Turns out that Elsa thinks snow is somethig to eat.

And she is not intimidated by the white stuff piling up over her head either!  She will go anywhere until she gets cold and goes home.

I am from Florida and saw snow first at the age of 21.   Ho Hum right?


Ridiculous but this Florida girl raised on a beach is still excited every time the first flake arrives here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia –  and I still marvel at the immense beauty of nature shrouded in white.

Elsa Rapt Attn


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Winter's Fingerprint January 2016

Looks like we got about 18 inches of snow in my part of Virginia during the first big snow storm in 2016!

I am grateful that we did not lose power.

I tried to help clear the deck but my toes got wet and cold in the big boot for the Big Foot. The boot is more of a summer variety with open toes vulnerable to snowflakes (even when protected by a sock).

I did finally clear a path to the bird feeder though since the little sweethearts were in a frenzy for food.


Special appreciation to our friend, neighbor, and President of our neighborhood, Pete Holladay, who never fails to clear these back-country lanes during almost any snowstorm.  He came out twice this time to assure we can all get out if there is an emergency.   Thank you Pete!

And finally, “Ain’t snow grand?”

Being Florida born and bred, I still love the feeling of living in a magical white world!



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Blizzard Sign

Photo from:  WTVR CBS6 Richmond on Twitter @tristateweather .

Lizzard warning issued for Long Island.  As seen on northern state parkway.

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Storm Warning!

Storm Warning!

As always I feel a pent up excitement at the threat of a real snow storm.

We haven’t had one of those in a while.  In fact, we are having a relatively innocent winter.

But here came a forecast from my favorite meteorologist who predicted a shovel-worthy snowfall!

I kept watching the windows, getting more and more anxious,

like a young girl waiting for her first date, in love for the first time – waiting.

And here came the snow just as predicted!

Bill Clearing in a Snow Storm!

Bill Clearing in a Snow Storm!

Make Yourself Comfortable!

Make Yourself Comfortable!

I was so delighted I went out to shovel walkways even though they are immediately filling up again.

There is at least a foot of snow, maybe more, and more coming to add to the overnight pileup.

Dinner Will be Served!

Dinner Will be Served!

I love the way the world is so transformed, with ordinary objects taking on new shapes and dimensions.

And yes, I may soon tire of the novelty and wish again for easier living.  I know.  I know.

It is foolish to love something that causes

so much disruption in so many lives, but

for now,

for this day, 

for this moment in time,

I love snow!

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I love snowstorms and I don’t even ski or skate.  I just get so excited at the prospect of the world changing.

And this morning we definitely got a changed world her in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I call it The BIG Snowstorm, because I suppose it is the largest amount of snowfall we have had this year.  Well, this year is still in its infancy.  But this is definitely a BIG SNOWSTORM!

We have lost power of course.  And how lovely to have the wood stove perking away and a little generator that provides us with the basics – like water when we need it.  I know, winter storms can be burdensome but this one is more like an adventure – for the moment.

Naturally, I had to brave the elements and take photos.  With the wind and snow blowing in my face and the sounds of cracking trees in our adjacent forest, I really did feel brave.  Rozie, the dog, followed me but aimed for home in a run when she thought I was ready.  I also discovered there is a tree down across the road so we can’t even get out until Bill minces it up with his chain saw.

Here’s what it looked like an hour ago and the snow is STILL COMING DOWN!   Oh my.  It’s a whole new world.

Sagging Maple TreeMemories of Summer 1

Sagging Crepe Myrtle Tree

Picnic Anyone

Down the Road

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