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There came a winter storm this March

that threatened to arrive in a roar

but only crept in with a whisper and

left with a whimper, not more.

It was a March storm that welcomed spring.






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I was drunk with the thrill of coming snow

and we got nine inches all told

with fallen trees and chaos

and then power loss and cold.

And the winds over heavy precipitation

created  widespread devastation.

Now the view from my kitchen window

is of mountains still snow-shrouded,

standing stately in a ghostly glow.

 Beware the beauty of a snowstorm and

heed the mountains’ taunting laughter.

Next time,  remember the morning after.





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Sandy seems like a silly name for a storm of historical significance doesn’t it?  Maybe if it was named George I could take it more seriously.  Also, this is the first time in my adult life I have not been totally prepared for a threatening storm or epidemic – especially this storm which is supposedly of epidemic proportions!  You see, my home has been filled with family and friends for the past two weekends, and I guess I’m tired.  The last of  ’em just left this morning.

There has been no time to think out a list of needs either, or to hit the grocery store.   I heard the stores are sold out of water anyway.  I know we have large containers I can fill with our tap water but I just don’t have my heart in it or the energy to lug the containers around.

I am in denial and in a kind of lolling lethargy with a secret wish this storm named Sandy, and/or her side effects will simply miss our little haven in the hills of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

What is my husband doing while I am blogging about my lethargy?  Watching a football game!  He is the optimist in our family.  Well, he did do something to his big  tractor to make it ready for a possible snow storm.  Yes, Sandy is also threatening heavy snow in the higher elevations.  Sometimes we are considered higher and sometimes lower.  Anyway, Bill seems to be in a semi state of lethargy too.

The point is, Bill and I are now  statistics.  There are always a certain number of people who do nothing in the face of dire storm warnings.  They usually regret it.

Me, I’m hoping for great stormy weather photo ops to keep on blogging.

Will keep you “posted.”

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