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Burning Bush (not really burning of course)

Burning Bush (not really burning of course)

I used to go on walks with my “Pal” Camera – a real camera that felt like a real camera.

But Pal has been replaced by this stranger thing called a smart phone.

It is so much smarter than I am that I need to take lessons and go on practice photo shoots.

Practice Session #1 was this morning and the first problem was the glare.

Cemetery Visit for Halloween

Cemetery Visit for Halloween

I could barely see what I was photographing so had to take photos standing in the shade.  I might have to wear a wide brimmed hat all the time now or miss out on great photo ops!

The next problem was in holding the thing still.  I never felt shaky with a camera before but I need a walker to lean on for this one.

Then if I tried to zoom in with that funny thing you do with your fingers on a “touch screen” the shot would get either too big or too fuzzy.

And finally, the “stupid phone” would not respond to my brutal tapping on the shutter camera icon.

There were only three recognizable pictures conjured from a 30 minute walk on a beautiful fall day.

And people out for a Sunday stroll no doubt wondered why that strange woman was standing so long in one place aiming her phone at a burning bush.

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