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There are smart phones and smart everythings in today’s technology.

In fact, much to my chagrin,  there are inhuman “things” and mechanical objects that seem more intelligent than I.

I even have a wristband that tells me via email that I need to charge the battery!

But I sometimes forget there are smart things not tied to modern man’s inventions and innovations.

Just look at this Rhododendron!

Happy Warm Rhodie

Happy Warm Rhodie

How happy and comfortable she seems on a sunny day, with bright green leaves midwinter

and hopeful buds for growth and flowers in the spring.

When the sun sets in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia the temperatures dip too

and my Smart Heat Pump goes on automatically to warm me up inside.

That takes technology.

But look at this!   When the thermometer hits around freezing my Rhodie literally curls up to keep warm!

Rhodie Through A Screen Keeping Warm by Curling Up

Rhodie Through A Screen
Keeping Warm by Curling Up

And she does it all without electric power, wi fi, computer technology, or having to recharge any batteries!

Now I ask you, “How smart is THAT?”


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